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Last Light:


Last Light was created with the philosophy of bringing a quiet joy and a sense of renewal through the objects we surround ourselves with every day. They are passionate about participating in the centuries old practices and traditions of creating textiles and respect for the earth guides all that they create. Their linen is born from nature, produced from flax which requires little to no irrigation or fertilizers as a crop compared to cotton. Their stone washed linen collection celebrates timeless details and hand-crafted construction with garment washes that create a relaxed, lived-in feel in a series of natural colours inspired by the transformation of light. Cora’s picks? The Rustic Linen Table Cloth and Linen Kitchen Towels!







Masaya is my new sustainable furniture obsession with their incredible seed to seat ethos. After several years of establishing tree farms on deforested cow pastures, Maderas Sostenibles founded a production facility in Managua to fabricate furniture and wood products that continuously capture carbon in our everyday lives through furniture. Inspired by the artisanal nature of Masaya and the rich culture and nature found in Nicaragua, MasayaCo was born. Every design is handmade from renewable solid wood. We plant hundreds of thousands of trees each year. By annually planting more trees than they harvest, a replenishing cycle is established providing both environmental and economic benefits. So far, their designs have planted over 1.2 million trees. Cora’s picks? The Masaya lounge chair and bistro dining set for sustainable outdoor entertaining!





Dry Farm Wines:


Founder Todd White developed the Dry Farm Wines Certification for finding the purest Natural Wines on the planet. This included a strict set of criteria: only organically farmed, sugar free, additive free, lower alcohol, lower sulfite, lab tested wines. It was from this personal journey that Dry Farm Wines was born. Todd set out to share more of these pure Natural wines with the world, and to educate people on what is really in their wine. Dry Farm Wines offers a range of wines that are deeply researched and conveniently curated into selection boxes that allow you to experience the best health and planet conscious wines the world has to offer. Each gift box is a curated selection of pure and rare Natural Wines you can’t find in stores. Every box includes unique grapes, regions, and profiles in their purest form, without the sugar, high alcohol levels, and additives of commercial wines.

Get a free bottle on us with the link:





Force of Nature:


If you are going to eat meat, this is the company to source it from. They are leading the regenerative revolution to create meat that is contributing to biodiversity restoration, carbon capturing and done with respect for the animals.They are on a mission to improve our collective environment and health through regenerative agriculture while creating food raised in a way that honors the systems within Mother Nature. They care for the soil, respect diversity in plants and animals on the land, and focus on natural outcomes versus synthetic inputs – no tilling, no synthetic chemicals, no hormones or antibiotics! Their range of meat is more delicious and nutritious than anything else you can buy, including organic and traditional grass fed. From Force of Nature you’ll find meats like Elk, Venison, Wild boar, Bison and the more conventional meats like beef, chicken, and pork.

Listen to Cora’s podcast episode with them here!





1st Dibs:


I am such a huge fan of trying to get everything I can in our home vintage first as it always has the lowest carbon footprint and the most character. 1st Dibs is my go to for vintage vessels, lighting and furniture for our home and it is always the perfect place to find a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who wants a bit of vintage beauty in their home. 

Shop our unique link here!





Current Cassis:


After years living in Paris, a Kir or a Kir Royale has been my staple cocktail and Current Cassis is my favourite place to get this aperitif. An all natural 16% ABV sipper made by hand from lightly fermented NY blackcurrants, whole green cardamom, bay leaf, citrus rind, lemon verbena, wild honey and clean distilled spirits. C. Cassis is made by Rachael Petach in the Hudson Valley, just a few miles from where their blackcurrants are grown. If you are looking for the perfect gift for anyone’s bar cart, this is the sustainable spirit line I always go to!







If you are looking for glassware that is perfect for the Holiday season and special enough to want to use all year long, look no further than my favourite Italian line R+D. LAB

R+D. LAB is an ethical glassware line that was founded by Jay Vosoghi and Sara Mostofi in 2006. An intrinsic belief in research and design is at the heart of their namesake and manufacturing. Providing experience and the impetus for collaborative exchange with classic artisans and small traditional manufacturers. Together, they work as a team to create highly distinctive products that are functional, sustainable and meaningful for modern life.

Cora’s Picks:

Luisa 1L Carafe in Jade Green

Luisa Calice Glasses in Jade Green – Set of 2







Obakki is special in that it gives back to artisans that create the beautiful pieces sold by Obakki. Through the Obakki Foundation, they partner with artisans and uplift communities through giving their traditional craft a platform to stand on. Real life connections with these communities is what allows Obakki to give them what they most need in the form of development work and resources to support their livelihood.

Cora’s Picks:

8″ Plato Liso – Set of 4

11″ Plato Liso – Set of 4




Shop Ethical Gifts!


Feldspar fine bone china fruit bowl
Feldspar Studio
Cobalt Fruit Bowl
Forestry Wool
Wool Blanket in Ecru Duo
Casa Parini
Hemp Duvet Cover in Sage Salvia
Fabric & Surface Bio-active Cleaning Bundle

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