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As a gift to yourself or your loved ones, why not give back this year to some of the people who are making the most impact on our planet – Farmer’s Footprint. Some of the best gifts are the ones that are not a physical product that goes on to perpetuate the destructive consumption and waste cycle, but gifts that are a token of thoughtfulness and a symbolism of deeper understanding of the values that the receiver holds. Why not give the gift of regeneration this year and seek solace in the fact that nothing goes to waste when people and the planet are being supported in effect!




Commons App –


Help your loved ones track their carbon emissions, offset their carbon, and learn more about sustainable living – all with one amazing app by our friends at Commons. The app is the perfect gift for the person in your life that needs to make some green switches and learn a bit more about how unsustainable their habits may be. It is a personalized, data driven app that shares practical tips to lower your carbon footprint and build a lifestyle that is more in line with the planet. You can even help your loved ones save money – in 2022 Commons users reduced their footprint by an average of 10% and saved $200 a month! Their offsets are a way to compensate for our unavoidable emissions. Commons supports a vetted, diverse portfolio of climate projects that are evaluated to lower emissions, support local communities, and restore ecosystems. The perfect gift for anyone in your life! 





Care.ē.on –


Meet the brand making the perfect beauty essentials for on the go! Founded by Madison Headrick, Care.ē.on was designed for those who want chic, reliable, effective, clean skincare that you can take with you anywhere – on your travels, to the gym, to the office, or even in your bag on a busy day out. The brand believes that health and wellness should extend to your skincare and selfcare, which is why they’ve taken a clean and sustainable approach to their entire line. They understand doing good and feeling good go hand in hand – a motto Reve holds at its core. Care.ē.on takes pride in making an effort to reduce carbon and plastic created by the conventional beauty industry. Their En Route Essentials Kit is such a brilliant gift as it has five wonderful products that are all TSA approved and ready to pop in your bag in a dash. In this kit you’ll find a hydrating mask, refreshing mist, moisturizing pads, and a convenient hand sanitizer!





The Lost Explorer Mezcal –


Regenerative mezcal – yes please! Created by David de Rothchild (listen to his podcast with us here!), The Lost Explorer Mezcal is one of the most sustainable liquor brands out there. They have the long-term mission of becoming the most sustainable mezcal brand in the world – and they are so transparent about all the incredible things they are doing so far. While setting high standards for sustainability within the industry, they are creating incredible mezcals. So far, they have three award-winning artisanal mezcals with different notes depending on your preference. They make incredible gifts because you can even personalize your bottle by engraving your loved one’s name! Their Tobala Mezcal is our head of partnership’s favourite as it is earthy with hints of tobacco, cocoa, vanilla and leather and it offers a unique balance between wood aromas and umami flavors. Such an amazing gift for anyone in your life that loves a sophisticated (but ethical) drink!





Purity Coffee –


We all have a true coffee lover in our life and Purity Coffee makes some of the most sustainable and delicious coffee beans on the market. Founders Andrew and Amber founded Purity because they wanted to share coffee that was actually beneficial for the body and for our planet. Through their research, they found that coffee is actually not unhealthy but rather the opposite. Over 19,000 studies have been done to measure coffee’s health benefits, and their results have pointed to coffee’s healing properties. Coffee has even been shown to decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, and multiple cancers. Much of these benefits are thanks to antioxidants called chlorogenic acids, or CGAs. Purity has a very unique ethos – to make a coffee product that has health as its top priority. The brand is dedicated to conscious and organic sourcing, creating specialty grade beans, precision roasting, and focused fulfillment that ensures their coffee is stored, packaged, and delivered perfectly so that consumers get the freshest coffee possible.





Un Denim –


Un Denim rescue used, high-quality denim and up-cycle them into your next fashion-meets-activism statement. Mindfully restored for planet-conscious humans, Un Denim’s proprietary process means that upcycling a pair of Un jeans requires less than 1% of the water used to manufacture a standard pair of jeans from virgin denim. Their environmental footprint in terms of land use, energy, and CO2e emissions are also a mere fraction of the industry standard.





Force of Nature –


Meet Rev’s favourite US based regenerative meat brands – Force of Nature. They are on a mission to improve our environment and health through regenerative agriculture while answering the community’s call for food raised in a way that aligns with their values. They care for the soil, respect diversity in plants and animals on the land, and focus on natural outcomes versus synthetic inputs. That means no tilling, no synthetic chemicals, no hormones or antibiotics, and beautiful wide-open space. The result of this care and attention, and working in tune with the Earth (rather than against it), is incredible meat. Another thing that sets Force of Nature apart is their selection. You’ll find more than just regenerative beef and chicken, you’ll also discover bison, elk, venison, and boar. All things we should be eating but it can be hard to source in grocery stores!



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