Sana jardin sustainable ethical perfume fragrances self care rituals


Sana jardin sustainable ethical perfume fragrances self care rituals
Sana jardin sustainable ethical perfume fragrances self care rituals

Ethically handpicked floral ingredients.

“We all wonder the link between fragrance and self-care, how one spray in the morning can enhance your mood and get you through stressful times. So, we did the research and looked at the benefits of fragrance.”



Sana Jardin

1. Promoting Psychological Health

As scent is linked to the emotional centres of our brain, it can directly promote our psychological health through what we smell. According to research, fragrance may help brain function in a positive way by promoting positive feelings and well-being. Essential oils are still used as a traditional medicine method known for their healing properties on reducing stress and uplifting the mood, so scent works in the same way. 

2. Evoke/Associate Good Memories

Never underestimate the power of a fragrance. We all have that one fragrance which takes us to a moment in life that we cannot escape – a time capsule! This could be lavender on a breezy summer’s day in your grandma’s garden, or the streets of London after a rainy day. It takes just one spritz to be transported back.





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3. Helps Relieve Negative Emotions

Scents bring good memories and promote your psychological health and are one of the fastest ways to change your emotional state of mind. You can easily shift negative emotions by smelling certain scents that have aroma therapeutic benefits. You can find some of these healing notes in our perfumes, such as orange blossom in our Berber Blonde, amber in Tiger by Her Side and tuberose in our Jaipur Chant perfumes. 

4. Increase In Productivity & Creativity

The olfactory receptors which are triggered by fragrance are known to affect spontaneous brain activity and cognitive functions. Even the smell of coffee in the morning can help us trigger productivity and certain fragrances can have the same effect too, including boosting your creativity. If you want to open your imagination, we recommend you try our beautiful Discovery Set to get experimental with fragrances and see what works for you. 

5. Creates A Sense Of Normality 

Unprecedented times lead to nostalgic feelings of how things ‘used to be’. Fragrance can help us fall back into our own personal rhythm. If you spray your fragrance as normal (everyday even if you are working from home), this will create a sense of normality at times when you feel uneasy. We know this won’t change the now, but it will help you by adding a boost to your day and reminding you that things are ok. 





Beauty, Berber Blonde Perfume, £99

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