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Toups & Co Founder, Emilie Toups and her family


Toups & Co Founder, Emilie Toups

Can you chat a bit about the benefits of Tallow and why it is so nurturing (changed from healing) for the skin? 

Grass Fed tallow is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are naturally occurring in tallow, meaning they’re more bioavable than synthetic vitamins. To further the benefits, Vitamin A is known as natures retinol while Vitamin K is incredible for fighting free radical damage. Unlike chemical-based skincare products and antibiotics, tallow balm will not strip your skin of its good bacteria and natural oils. Tallow is both naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The benefits really are endless. Try it for yourself!


What would you recommend for someone in an eczema flare up? 

I’d recommend our Original Tallow Balm or Unscented Tallow Balm for an eczema flare up.





Can you expel the myth of tallow being unsuitable for oily / acne prone skin? 

High-quality grass fed tallow balm is non-comedogenic, which means it works with the skins natural barrier, instead of against it. Contrary to popular belief, tallow balm will contribute to balancing the skin’s oil production naturally instead of adding to it.


Why should people switch to Tallow based products? What are a few things in conventional products that we need to avoid?

Tallow based products have been used for centuries by our ancestors. As mentioned tallow based products are bio identical to our own skin’s chemistry making them easy to absorb and highly efficient at providing your skin with what it needs. Tallow balm is an all-in-one remedy. You can use it as a moisturizer, face balm, or pack it in your first-aid kit. Some of our clients even keep it in their diaper bags as rash cream!





How is Tallow sustainable? 

Tallow balm takes a whole animal approach similar to how our ancestors used to live when utilizing the whole animal for both nutritional and lifestyle support. Similar to eating nose-to-tail for optimal nutrition, tallow balm provides a nourishing solution to utilizing the fat from the animal to make nourishing skincare products.


Can you chat about where you source the Tallow and your other ingredients from? 

Toups & Co. sources ingredients like 100% grass -fed tallow, cold-pressed organic olive oil, and organic essential oils. Each product has been formulated to maximize skin-nourishing benefits and your safety.

We go above and beyond to source organic products made in the USA. We are committed to supporting small, family owned farms who grazed their cows on fresh pasture year round.





What is your daily beauty routine like? What do you always use from the range? 

I use the Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Tonic,  and Glow Serum every morning. At night,  I double cleanse if I wear makeup with our Charcoal Soap and then the Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil. I follow m y cleansing with the one our Tonics and finish with the Frankincense Face Balm. In addition, 3x a week I use our Reparative Serum after I cleanse.


Do you have any advice to people who are looking to change up their diet / lifestyle / beauty routines ? 

It really is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Start with food first by reading your ingredient labels and switching to consuming organic fruits and vegetables, pastured, regeneratively raised meats, raw dairy, and removing toxic seed oils and chemical additives from your pantry. From there, begin to dive into toxins in your skincare and home cleaning products. The benefits are endless and empowering. We really can all take our health into our own hands.





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