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Setting The Scene

The bath towel so chic you’ll want to take it out with you; Inspired by nature, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Forestry wool is OEKO-TEX certified. Forestry Wool blankets are designed in the Netherlands and produced in mills around Europe.



Bedroom, Wool Blanket in Meadow, £125

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Bedroom, Nature Wool Blanket in Abstract Grey, £150

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Waste Free Drinking

What would be a picnic without pretty tumblers to also help set the scene! R+D. LAB specialise in ethical glassware and create highly distinctive products that are functional and sustainable. These tumblers are so versatile that no matter what you are drinking on your picnic, they will contribute to the stylish set up you are going for!



Home, Luisa Calice Millerighe Glasses – Set of 2, £133

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Christmas Gifts, Luisa Calice Wine Glasses in Pink – Set of 2, £158

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Organic Linen To Keep Cool In

Our go-to natural fabric for the warmer months, linen has so many wonderful properties. Not only it is breathable, making it especially comfortable to wear in the heat, but it is also one of the most sustainable fibres out there! It is made from the flax plant which happily grows with rain water and prospers without needing pesticides. Linen is also incredibly durable and long lasting; even better it gets softer with time!

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Natural Plant Fibre Bags

Our essential accessory for the farmer’s market, beach, and park – Uri Studio‘s woven bags are ethically crafted by Female Artisans in the Philippines from 100% first grade Abacá. Also known as manila hemp, Abacá is a natural leaf fibre that comes from a relative of the banana tree and is native to the Philippines. These bags are big enough to hold a blanket, snacks and drinks making them ideal for days out in the sunshine!



Accessories, Large Rosa Bag in Natural, £415

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Accessories, Medium Flora Bag in Natural, £355

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Natural Jute Sandals

No matter where your picnic is taking place, on the beach, in the park, on the cliff… you’ll need some comfortable natural footwear to get you there! Of Origin is a natural shoes and clothing brand made up of only natural fibres, mostly jute. Their unisex espadrilles are totally handmade in Spain. Jute and flax are amongst the oldest fibers in the world, dating back 5000 B.C. and this has inspired, in part along with the minimal style of design, the name Of Origin!



Accessories, Balears Jute Sandals in Tostado, £148

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Organic Wine: Our Drink Of Choice

On a new spring day, whats more perfect than opening a bottle of sparkling white or rosé. Of course here at REV we suggest you find a natural and organic wine to be the highlight of a sustainable picnic. Inspired by our drinking choices, Pelegrims skincare is a low intervention active skincare brand formulated using grape extracts from waste material from a local vineyard in England! We advocate absorbing organic grape extracts in more ways than one on your sustainable picnic day!



Beauty, Facial Balm, £45

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Beauty, Hyaluronic Plump Facial Oil, £49

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Ethical Baby Essentials

If you have a little one that’s joining the picnic, we love these ethical, handmade accessories from Tache de Naissance. Tache De Naissance was started by Gabrielle when her daughter Sabine was born. An ethical baby clothing line that is unique, crafted with love, skill, and a sense of elegance, this is a handmade collection meant to be handed down generations.



Baby, Rita Quilt in Liberty of London Libby, £230

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Baby, Sabine Dress Set White Swiss Dot, £146

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R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware
Luisa Calice Millerighe Glasses – Set of 2
Uri Studio
Large Rosa Bag in Natural
Forestry Wool
Wool Blanket in Meadow

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