pure earth collection- eco baby-ethical baby-organic baby

pure earth collection-organic baby-ethical baby-eco baby
pure earth collection-eco baby-organic baby-ethical baby

Safe Toys



You’ll never find nasty chemicals in any of Pure Earth Collection’s toys – everything is free of formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates, EVA foam, and polycarbonate. It is hard to believe that some conventional children’s brands make products with these chemicals as kids put everything in their mouths! These conventional toys can be made of polyester plush, which sheds thousands of micro-plastics into the environment and of course into baby’s mouths as they are sucked or chewed on. That’s why Emma created toys that are made from 100% cotton plush on the outside, with safe and nontoxic dyes that are filled with biodegradable bamboo. Everything is machine washable, so you can wash them as you like without worrying about micro-plastics seeping out!



eco baby-organic baby-sustainable toys


Bush Baby Teether

One of the main things I’ve been “warned” about, is just how difficult teething can be, both for baby and parent. I will 100% be using the Bush Baby Teether as it’s made from organic cotton and natural Maplewood that has been treated with organic coconut oil – a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It is designed to last, and you can even continue to treat the wood with coconut oil as needed! A major plus that they are just so cute…


Sensory Toys

Like all of Pure Earth Collection’s toys, their sensory toys are made from organic and natural fabrics that are 100% safe to be sucked on! These toys are made from a super-soft velour fabric in interesting, contrasting colors, and they rattle and crinkle – keeping babies entertained for hours! They also come with loops to attach to buggies or chairs while out, so they can join you anywhere.



pure earth collection -organic baby-eco baby sleeping bags

Safe and Sound Sleep



You only have to look at the reviews on Pure Earth Collection’s sleeping bags – they are five stars for a reason…


Tropical Nights Summer Sleeping Bag

Perfect for temperatures over 20 degrees, the Tropical Sleeping Bag is made from 100% modal fabric with safe and non-toxic dyes. It even has a seat belt picket for nighttime journeys! As little one’s can easily overheat, it is so important to have a lighter option for those hot nights, so they can sleep uninterrupted! The modal fabric gives maximum thermoregulation and is actually naturally cooling on warmer evenings.


All-Season Bamboo Sleeping Bag

This bamboo sleeping bag is made from both organic bamboo wadding and organic cotton to create the most comfortable place for your baby to sleep. It is perfect for temperatures ranging between 13 and 27°C, so it can be used through almost all seasons (in the UK). Their all-season sleeping bags come in a few styles: their ‘standard’ option is with a seatbelt pocket and detachable comforter, or they have their ‘simple’ version without these add ons, making it more affordable if you don’t need those extras. It also has a two way zip for seamless night time nappy changes!



pvc free-baby mats-play mats-ethical baby

PVC-Free Play Mats


Rocky Road Play Mat

Coming in two sizes, Pure Earth Collection’s natural play mats are the perfect base for a play area. So many play mats are full of toxic chemicals and are made of either EVA, PVC, or polyurethane foam – all of which are horrible for the environment and our health. Their mats are made from natural rubber foam and cork that are sustainably sourced from the sap and bark of living trees. The cork top is naturally antibacterial and is a super easy surface to clean after crafts. I think it is the perfect baby mat because it is padded enough to cushion any falls but firm enough for stability for early walkers. You can also roll it up very easily and move it around the house. Parents can even use them as yoga mats too!




organic baby clothes-organic cotton-eco baby-ethical baby

Organic Clothing


Organic Jackets – 

Designed to grow with your child, Pure Earth Collection’s jackets are made to last as they have added length and foldable sleeves so you can alter the size as your little one grows. The jacket is made from organic materials and is so unbelievably soft! It is the perfect jacket for summer evenings or as an extra layer on cold winter days.


Organic Robes – 

The brands kids robes are so loved, that the brand decided to make adult versions – now you can match! Like their jackets, the robes are also designed to last years and grow with your child. They are lined with a super soft velour, making them perfect to lounge in after an evening bath. Each size works for at least two years!



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Where to Find Pure Earth Collection


You can find out more about the brand and shop their collection on their website and follow them on Instagram


Disclosure: We at Rêve En Vert believe that promoting like minded companies, individuals and charities is one of the fastest ways to effect meaningful change within conscious consumerism. Whilst this partnership is paid and we may take some compensation from purchases made through the links on this page, we want to ensure you that we only ever work with and recommend companies that adhere to our high standards of responsible business and sustainable production. 

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