Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie

Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie
Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie

How did you get into acupuncture?

I’ve always known that at some point in my life I was going to go into the therapeutic world, but in which capacity wasn’t clear, until I was about 24. I had acupuncture only once before, in my very early 20’s, for anxiety and insomnia. Thinking back, I’m not sure I even remember the treatment – but a few years later, after being in an extremely stressful job and taking time out of work, I woke up one day and acupuncture came into my mind; the ‘aha’ moment I’d been waiting for. By the time I really thought about it, I was enrolled in one of the best TCM & 5 Element schools in the UK and was preparing to do nearly 4 years of school to become an acupuncturist. In my opinion, acupuncture is the perfect combination of practicality, logic, a lot of problem solving and powerful energy work. It suits my naturally curious (nosey!) mind coupled with my intuition when it comes to people’s wellbeing.


Can you tell us a bit about your specific practice?

I studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and 5 Element acupuncture, which are brilliantly combined to create a 360-degree treatment and strategy for every individual. Whilst using these two-frame works, I also use a Chinese herb called Moxa (Chinese Mugwort) & my own style energy work. Throughout my time practising acupuncture, I have developed a significant interest in energy flow and how I can guide this flow throughout the body, to encourage healing & good health. I spend lots of time figuring out and then tapping into, the person’s energy source and flow. This builds a strong connection with them, and the treatment plan I have created. 

I’m currently treating all kinds of issues such as challenged fertility, reproductive system dysfunction (menstrual cycle issues) insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, IBS. Along with these ailments, because I have been trained in both TCM & 5 Element acupuncture, I can treat not only the physiological issues that arise, but also the person’s constitution and inner strength.


I have completely felt and seen changes through my treatments with you. What would you say to someone who doesn’t ‘believe’ acupuncture would work for them?

When people have doubts about acupuncture, I’m always reminded of how much it actually works. The only way you can truly see and understand what acupuncture does, is by having a treatment. Acupuncture works on a level of the body that we simply cannot access through only touch or talk; there are many more layers to it. We spend a huge amount of time discussing and unthreading each client’s life (physically, mentally and emotionally). On information alone, we can build a detailed picture of this person and how they have arrived here. From this information, research, strategy and then treatment follows. I have seen such profound change and transformation in front of me during treatments and during my time spent with my clients, giving me reason to trust its power implicitly. As acupuncturists we work incredibly hard to get people well and not only that, we have invested 10s of 1000s of pounds to do so! Acupuncture isn’t be believed; it really is to be seen.




Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie
Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie

As someone who works within the industry, how is the world of wellness changing? 

The Wellness industry is going through a seismic shift at the moment, especially when it comes to indigenous medicine and practices. Many practices and modalities have been brought over to the West and adapted to our way of life; in some cases, unrecognizably so. This problem is being called into question, and many of us are having to really be honest about our part that we have played in ‘westernising’ these practises. Personally, I have always felt such honour to be able to practise acupuncture and feel that only through acknowledging where something has come from, can you truly do it justice.

With many aspects of the industry being quite toxic and alienating (the ‘wellness practitioner’ aesthetic, its affordability and its issue with classism) it was only a matter of time until it was being called out on being inauthentic and problematic. In the acupuncture world, there are major discussions on the appropriation of certain tools used such as Gua-Sha and how it is being misused widely. The rise of facial acupuncture (being practised by non-acupuncturists) is definitely being questioned by qualified acupuncturists too. All of these moving parts of the industry are starting to subtly change, and adapt to the way it should have been from the beginning. I am extremely hopeful for the future of the wellness sector. 


Have you noticed any trends with what your patients come to you with? 

Definitely! Pandemic aside (if we can for a moment!) stress and poor sleep is so common in my practise. People are having to carry around so much ‘stuff’ with them, causing their already quite high stress levels to skyrocket – often having a direct impact on their sleep. I am noticing that many of my clients also come in to see me for a general sense of wellbeing; to keep strong and calm during this pretty hectic time we’re in. I love to see my clients take action and commit to their health and future – it’s why I do what I do. I believe in everyone having complete autonomy over their physical and mental health.


How do you personally ‘de-stress’ during these uncertain times? 

Good question! I love to write, so I have 2 different diaries that I use for different reasons – one for writing down how I feel and how my day has gone (usually this is a running stream of consciousness, I never read it back!), and the other is to keep my gratitude in check. I spend quite a lot of time alone, in the quiet which really restores my sense of balance. I try to walk as much as possible to keep myself feeling grounded and in my physical body and not just in my chaotic mind 24/7. I also love to dance! Dancing is so powerful, it can be nostalgic too – I tend to put on my favourite song of the moment, or even a song I used to listen to non-stop which has a lot of memories tied in it and dance it all away. In Qi-Gong and Tai Chi there is huge emphasis on getting rid and letting go of stagnant and unwanted energy through movement. I do this through dance – with the curtains closed!




Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie
Reve en vert interview with acupuncturist maudie

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