Reve en vert boosting mood and immunity vitamins

Boosting Immunity Naturally with

Natural Supplements by BEAR @oliviaatkinsondesign

Reve en vert boosting mood and immunity vitamins
Reve en vert natural ways to boos immunity and mood

Turmeric Superfoods from @wunderworkshop

Working Out & Yoga

Just because we are stuck indoors more does not mean we should not be moving our bodies. It is actually essential for our mood, immune system, and body that we do some kind of physical activity every day. All of us at REV love our individual yoga practices, as it works our bodies gently and helps give our minds a bit of essential Zen. There are some incredible online videos you can watch to help guide your practice or you can freestyle. Some of our favourites include – Yoga with Adrienne, Miki Ash, Cat Meffan Yoga and Alo Yoga.

A good yoga mat is a must. We love the Eco Yoga Mats by Complete Unity Yoga, as it is made from all natural and biodegradable materials but provides incredible grip, enabling a beautiful flow.


Relieving Tension

At home stretching is key to keep our necks and shoulders loose to prevent tension headaches and stiff bodies. The Biodegradable Cork Roller by Modern Exercise Goods is an incredible tool for rolling knots and tension out of backs, legs, and glutes. It can also be used for Pilates practices and ab work. We also love their cork roller to help us stretch out after we exercise or flow.



Fitness & Wellness, Biodegradable Cork Roller, £18

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Meditation & Relaxation

We love to end our yoga practice with a meditation, even if it is just for five minutes. With constant information, worry, and stress plaguing our minds, it is crucial to take some time to try and quiet our overactive thoughts. It helps to create a space that is dedicated to meditation, which is why we love the Natural Meditation Cushion by Complete Unity Yoga. It is the perfect cotton cushion that makes sitting for longer periods more comfortable, so that you can completely focus on connecting to your mind and body.

If you struggle to meditate sitting up, feel free to lie down and cover your eyes to help ease you into a restful state. The natural Lavender Eye Cushion also by Complete Unity Yoga is amazing because it is filled with lavender, helping to ease anxiety with every inhale.

Boosting Immunity with BEAR

We feel it was fate that REV found BEAR only months before this virus started spreading.  They have created the best of modern, natural medicine that is based on nutrition, science and nature. Only using the best ingredients possible, they have created immunity boosting vitamins to take daily. Their Immunity duo is the Explore and Nourish vitamins, which together create the perfect cocktail to boost immune function. Together they are filled with the essentials – vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B12, turmeric, and more.

We also love their Repair Daily Super powder, which is perfect to throw into morning smoothies. It contains everything you need to support your bones and muscles, especially after a workout. Filled with omegas, antioxidants, and seeds, this powder also does wonders for skin health.

Vitamins and powders are amazing to take. However, it takes much more to keep your immune system healthy. Eating a balanced and varied plant-based diet is essential to keep our body happy. Stay tuned for easy, fun, and healthy recipes that our REV team are working on!


Fitness & Wellness, Immunity Duet with Explore & Nourish, £99

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Wunder Workshop's Natural Superfoods

Another recent addition to our wellness section, is London based Wunder Workshop, whose organic products are formulated to support the body’s needs naturally. Their Golden Shroom powder was created specially to boost tired energy and weak immune systems. This powder contains an array of different mushrooms, including the powerhouse that is Reishi. An incredible mushroom, that stabilizes and boosts the immune system and works to improve sleep. Golden Shrooms is a very versatile supplement, that you can add to baked goods, smoothies, juices and tonics. If you’re trying to cut back on coffee, add this to some hot milk (we prefer oat milk), and enjoy in the morning for a totally natural boost.

Wunder Workshop is famous for their turmeric products, as it is one of their star ingredients. Their Organic Goldern Tumeric Honey is a must have, as it is incredibly delicious and beneficial for the body. It is a multi-use product, that can be used in cooking, tea, coffee-free lattes, and can even be used as a face mask. To boost the immune system, we recommend having a spoonful a day, in a tea or in some hot oat milk.

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