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@arena_flowers by @taylorblair1


@arena_flowers by @taylorblair1


About Arena Flowers –


Arena Flowers has been around for 15 years now, and they have delivered more than 10 million bouquets across the UK – trust us, they know what they are doing here! They have been ranked the UK’s most ethical florist five years in a row… They are truly committed to operating with the least impact on the planet. They have the first closed-loop waste system in the flower industry, and they have not used single-use plastic in their packaging since 2017. The flower industry is so full of plastic, waste, and pollution but Arena Flowers is truly pioneering a different route forward so flowers can be grown and purchased ethically.

At REV we are always looking for brands to be transparent, which is why we love that Arena publishes their sustainability report, so you can really find about the way they operate and how they bring sustainability into every decision they make. In 2021, Arena launched a new initiative called The Green House, that they designed to take ownership of their green waste and to support biodiversity around their HQ in innovative ways. So far, Arena has salvaged 23.3 tonnes of green waste, which is the equivalent to 8 elephants! By consolidating their freight, reducing waste in their packaging, buying local when possible and utilizing green delivery, Arena have cut more than 1.3 million miles of transport from their supply chain – truly incredible.

All their flowers are sourced from ethical suppliers and fairtrade certified farms that Arena has personally approved. Unlike the traditional flower industry, Arena ensures that the staff are paid significantly more than a real living wage. “No-one should be exploited or undervalued in the production of something which exists to bring joy.” They promise to be fair and principled in upholding this belief to provide the best work environments for workers throughout their supply chain.

Flower growing traditionally uses so much water, but Arena is incredibly water conscious. Most of the farms they use don’t use traditional soil planting, but instead use hydroponic systems, which ensure all flowers are watered as efficiently as possible. After the water runs through the plants, the run-off is recaptured and recycled along with water collected from rainfall or from wetland water filtration schemes and other greywater sources. This water is cleaned before being reintroduced to the hydroponic systems. By growing their flowers this way, Arena has reduced overall water consumption by 30-40% with no effect to the beauty and health of their flowers! To date, the water consumption of each bouquet has been reduced by 17% since they began recording back in 2018.

Pesticide use is a big concern of ours at Rev and it has always been a barrier for us when buying flowers. Arena only uses botanical solutions and integrated pest management to look after their flowers, meaning that they rely on other plants and natural predators to keep unwater pests away. You can smell each and every stem from Arena without the concern that they have been sprayed with artificial and harmful chemicals!





“Arena Flowers have the first closed-loop waste system in the flower industry, and they have not used single-use plastic in their packaging since 2017. The flower industry is so full of plastic, waste, and pollution but Arena Flowers is truly pioneering a different route forward so flowers can be grown and purchased ethically.”



The Flowers -


Flower Subscription

Arena offers a flexible weekly, fortnightly, and monthly subscriptions so you have their beautiful flowers on a regular basis. You can also gift these subscriptions, which we believe are an amazing gift for those who truly don’t need more material goods. Each week, Arena’s florists and growers select the most beautiful and season stems. They arrange the ethical subscription selection that everyone will love. They also offer a pet friendly selection that excludes flowers that may pose a risk to pets. Your flowers will be harvested only hours before you receive them!


Hand Tied Bouquets for Any Occasion

Arena has the most incredible selection of hand tied bouquets for any occasion. You can also pick a vase to go along with one of their bouquets.




Reve’s Current Picks –


Spring Meadow – 

Be transported to the countryside with the captivating Spring Meadow bouquet. The purples and pinks take the eyes across a field of roses, antirrhinums and lisianthus. Hypericum berries are like drops of raspberry dew among the delicate blooms. Dainty, citrusy waxflower and clarifying eucalyptus make this arrangement heavenly scented too. Send this to someone for a dreamy gift.


Spring Sonata – 

This bouquet sings the virtues of Spring with blooms in a variety of gorgeous peach and cream ruffles, pink spires and bells, and starry lilac. Cream kangaroo paw adds soft velvety texture.





Shop Sustainable Vases


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