Healing acne naturally

Natural cleansing oil by @wildsourceapothecary

Healing acne naturally cleansing oil
Healing acne naturally face oil

Natural face oil for blemish prone skin.

Most of us at some point in our lives have struggled with some form of acne. Whether it’s a few spots around that time of the month or during a stressful work week, we can all agree, we’ve been there. Some of us, such as myself have struggled with acne more consistently. I have been on my acne journey for around ten years and it is only through finding my perfect natural skincare routine, regular facials, and a healthy diet that I have been able to overcome chronic breakouts.

Oil Cleansing

Double cleansing has really changed my skin for the better. I am prone to congested skin naturally and living in polluted London has not helped. Since introducing this calendula cleansing oil by Wild Source Apothecary, my skin is noticeably clearer. Ditch makeup wipes and massage this incredible natural oil onto dry skin. Formulated with calendula and baobab, to gently remove dirt and makeup, while loosening blocked pores and rebalancing the skins sebum levels. Always remove an oil cleanser with a damp, warm muslin cloth and follow up with a second cleanse.


Healing acne naturally oil cleanser

Second Cleanse

I’ve been using this natural cream cleanser by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for five years and I can confirm it is a miracle product. It is incredibly gentle and non-foaming but packed with omegas, antioxidants, and hydrating properties. This cleanser leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed, but never stripped. When struggling with acne, I have found it is so important that I don’t over- cleanse or use drying cleansers, as that throws our natural oil production out of whack.



Healing acne naturally aurelia miracle cream cleanser

A Weekly Treatment

For my skin, I have found less is more, which is why I try and mask only once or twice a week. I love this deep cleansing face mask by Sarisha because it was formulated specifically for acne-prone skin types. It simultaneously provides a deep cleanse to the pores while helping to moisturize and heal troubled skin. This natural mask is perfect because it isn’t too drying, and it doesn’t make my skin want to produce more oil to compensate.


Healing acne naturally face mask deep cleaning

Everyday Oil

This natural face oil by Wild Source Apothecary has absolutely transformed my skin. It is formulated with natural vitamin A, an essential to heal and prevent acne and watermelon seed oil, which gently detoxifies clogged pores. Just because you have oily skin does not mean you should be afraid of oils. This product contains a combination of light oils, which will not clog pores or lead to breakouts but will actually help balance your oil production. I always make sure my skin is slightly damp before applying three drops of this product onto my skin to make sure it absorbs properly.


Healing acne naturally face oil

Gua Sha

Gua Shas are my favorite topic of conversation because I think everyone should be using one daily. Not only is it incredible to use to destress, but it is a non-invasive facelift. Since gua sha works with the epidermis (the outermost three layers of skin), it can help clear acne by stimulating gunk that is buried under the skin. Therefore, you may experience a few extra spots when you first start gua sha but that is only because it is clearing buried acne! This practice brings blood to the surface of the skin, helping to speed along the process of healing scars and hyperpigmentation.


Healing acne naturally gua sha

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