UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription


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UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription
UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription


Daylesford Farm


At the heart of Daylesford is the desire to farm ‘responsibly, mindfully, with intelligence and with a conscience.’ Growing an abundance of organic vegetables, herbs, fruit and salad leaves on their 28 acre plot of land in Gloucestershire, this wonderful fresh produce is available to purchase in their farm shops and online store. Here you will also find a wide selection of organic jams, chutneys, teas, sweet treats, wines, and lots more. We especially love their red onion chutney!

Shop Daylesford.

Read our guide to creating a bee-friendly garden with Daylesford here.



UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription



Since 1987 Riverford have stayed true to their value of being 100% organic. Just like us at REV, they believe that organic food is food, just as it should be – ‘with no artificial nasties, the highest standards of animal welfare, and full traceability from farm to fork.’ Not only is organic farming kinder to us, but it supports biodiversity by providing lots of green spaces for bees and butterflies to procreate. At Riverford you will find a selection of seasonal organic produce boxes (fruit, veg, and meat) in a range of sizes to suit your needs! We also love their artisan organic breads!

Shop Riverford here.



UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription

Spring To Go


The celebration of seasonal, wholesome and biodynamic produce is at the heart of sustainable London restaurant, Spring. Launched in 2020, Spring To Go is their delivery service and shop which allows customers to enjoy this kind of food at home. Their seasonal produce boxes are packed with a variety of local organic produce all of which is grown at the biodynamic farm, Fern Verrow in Herefordshire. They also offer delicious baked good and ready meals which are cooked at the Spring London restaurant.

Shop Spring To Go.



UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription

Pale Green Dot


Supplying fresh produce to Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London, Pale Green Dot are on a mission to closing the food loop and creating a truly circular food economy. Championing a zero to landfill policy, they ensure that all waste produced is collected and utilised to produce energy or fertilisers that are used again. As well as offering boxes of organic veg, fruit, dairy and meats, Pale Green Dot also have a wine box subscription service which is great if you’re a lover of organic wines like we are!

Shop Pale Green Dot here.




UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription



Home grown, organic produce delivered to your door the next day (just order before noon!), at Farmdrop you will find everything you need to stock up your pantry and fridge with delicious, fresh food. Champions for local eating, Farmdrop aim to source with 150 miles because ‘food produced closer to home tends to be fresher, more seasonal, and less carbon intensive.’ Their meat, dairy and egg products are free range and produced with organic farming principles.

Shop Farmdrop here.



UK organic biodynamic food vegetable delivery boxes subscription

Growing Communities


Our co-founder Cora’s favourite farmer’s market local to her, Growing Communities also offer organic vegetable boxes for delivery. A community-led organisation based in Hackney, Growing Communities offer a practical alternative to the current unsustainable food system – ‘changing what we eat, how we eat and how it’s farmed.’ Their urban farms not only provide locals with delicious organic produce, but also train local residents and children in food growing and production.

Shop Growing Communities here.



Abel & Cole


‘Delivering the very best of organic since 1988’, at Abel & Cole you’ll find everything you need to stock up your pantry, fridge, fruit bowl, as well as your essential household items – from eco washing up to natural toiletries. At Abel & Cole organic means ‘naturally nutritious food that doesn’t cost the earth, and where the animals come first. Organic farming is also a kinder, more holistic way of tending to the land that helps protect our soil and boosts biodiversity.’ – and we couldn’t agree more!

Shop Abel & Cole here.



Roots Farmer


Established in 2020, Roots Farmer is a market garden that grows seasonal vegetables and sells them through a home delivery service and at pick up locations across London. They believe that everyone should have access to high quality nutritious food and are committed to making sure all communities benefit from Roots Farmer produce! Education is at the core of what they do and they encourage young people to learn learn about healthy eating and growing their own food through the Roots Farmer Academy.



roots farmer-uk farm boxes-farm box delivery uk

Dinner enjoyed with a glass from Wildsip


The online marketplace to discover high quality, UK based, independent drinks labels, all which are made with responsibly sourced ingredients. When you make a purchase on Wildsip, you’re buying directly from the producers. This means you receive well-made, fresh products directly from the source.

Buying on Wildsip also cuts out the unnecessary costs (financial and environmental) that come with complex supply chains. Buying directly from producers also means they set the prices, which not only gives you the best value but also allows independent producers to keep more of the profit as they are in control of their pricing and margins.

*Try Wildsip’s range with an exclusive 10% off your first order using the code REV10 !



*Disclosure: We at Rêve En Vert believe that promoting like minded companies, individuals and charities is one of the fastest ways to effect meaningful change within conscious consumerism. Whilst this partnership is paid and we may take some compensation from purchases made through the links on this page, we want to ensure you that we only ever work with and recommend companies that adhere to our high standards of responsible business and sustainable production. 

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