Reve en vert sustainable hair removal metal razor

We love to use @wildsourceapothecary scrub as part of our hair removal routine

Natural exfoliating soap bar by @bjorkandberries

Reve en vert sustainable hair removal natural exfoliating soap bar
Reve en vert sustainable hair removal metal razor

Sustainable razors by @ouithepeople

Let’s Talk Hair Removal

Hair removal is never a fun conversation or a fun activity. I often question why we put ourselves through it. Nevertheless, many of us prefer hair-free skin and it is important to make sure the way we are moving our hair is safe for our skin and the planet.

In lots of ways, the most sustainable choice is to leave your body hair alone. There is lots of beauty in having body hair and like the rest of the human body, hair does have a purpose. Along with helping to regulate our temperature it also serves as protection. In the same way, eyelashes help protect our eyes, pubic hair helps protect the vagina from bacteria. It is a personal preference and I think both are totally normal. When I remove my body hair, I choose to do so in the most sustainable way.

Razors to Last a lifetime - OUI The People

Most people use single-use razors that are made out of plastic that contribute to the over 13 million tons of plastic that are tipped into the ocean every single year. Plus, many traditional plastic razors contain toxic chemicals that get released into our precious waters. It is time to switch to a sustainable razor that is made to last a lifetime. OUI the People create aesthetically beautiful and eco-friendly razors that never contain any plastic. The beauty of these razors is you only have to buy one once. The only part you have to continue to purchase are their blades. They package their products in glass, recyclable, or refillable containers.  100% nickel free, stainless steel blades mean for a close and incredibly smooth shave, which helps to create an irritation-free shave – say goodbye to painful ingrown hairs.

I love this razor, but it does take some getting used to as you have to be a little more careful. If I shaved, I would always be plagued with painful ingrown hairs, but this razor removes hair more evenly than conventional razors. Meaning there are fewer chances of hair getting trapped and causing inflammation. I use this razor for my legs and armpits – I never shave my bikini line. 

When shaving with actual razor blades, it is essential to use a soap that lathers nicely so the blade can glide. I love to pair my OUI shave with the La Eva Natural Blu Wash as it provides a silky surface thanks to organic olive oil and coconut oil. Plus, it smells divine.




Reve en vert sustainable hair removal metal razor

The Ancient Technique - Sugaring

Quarantine provided me with a lot of spare time, which I am incredibly thankful for. This time allowed me to finally try sugaring myself. A little background on sugaring; Sugar waxing has been around since at least 1900 BC and was often used in Persia and Ancient Egypt. It’s a completely natural and zero-waste method of removing hair that consists of mixing sugar, water, and lemon. You simply boil it up, then cool it down, and you’re ready to use the sugar ball on your body. It is an easy process because unlike wax if you mess up you can just use water to wash it off. Thanks to Ariane from abetweene’s video. 

I learned how to sugar myself at home. Not only is it incredibly cheap to do, but it is easy, less painful, has no waste. After over three months of sugaring, my hair has grown back lighter in colour and much thinner. I also notice it lasts a lot longer than a normal wax. Sugaring has also kept my bikini line ingrown hair free!

Caring for Skin Post Hair Removal

Whether it’s waxing, sugaring, or shaving, hair removal is known to cause some issues, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. It is essential to take care of your skin leading up to hair removal and after. Exfoliating is key to avoiding ingrown hairs as it helps to make sure hair doesn’t accidentally grow back into the skin.

The Bjork & Berries Exfoliating Bath Soap is fantastic because it is gentle, hydrating, and provides both a natural chemical exfoliation (thanks to salicylic acid from willow bark) along with manual exfoliation. To reduce any inflammation or irritation caused by sugaring or shaving, choose a body oil that contains anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Another amazing body scrub is the Natural Detox Salt Scrub by Wild Source Apothecary, which ensures ingrown free skin. It is also very brightening thanks to organic argan oil, grapefruit, and lime so it is perfect for anyone looking to fade any old ingrown hair scars.



I love the Multi-Vitamin Body Oil by Maryse Beauty because it is filled with concentrated, vitamin-rich, and organic oil. The combination of rosehip, vitamin E, avocado, avocado, and more will instantly calm redness and guarantee soft skin.

Another anti-inflammatory body oil that instantly soothes any redness, is the Organic Sensitive Body Oil by Basho Skin. It is full of essential fatty acids, which helps to soften the skin, heal and protect, and is light and gentle. This formula’s star ingredient is apricot oil, which naturally contains oleic and linoleic acids. Those fatty acids are a wonder for irritation and helps to calm that post-wax or shave sting.



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