Reve en vert guide to natural organic cleansers for skin type

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Reve en vert guide to natural organic cleansers for skin type
Reve en vert guide to natural organic cleansers for skin type

Find the best cleanser for your skin type @raoils

Normal Skin

All skin is normal, but when talking about specific skin types, normal skin refers to skin that is healthy, well-balanced, with an even skin tone and without any significant skin care concerns. This does not mean you don’t struggle with occasional pimples or even dry patches, but it means your skin isn’t overly sensitive or easily irritated!  Our skin is always changing, adapting, and aging so different days, months, and years require different regimes.

Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser

We love the Elemental Cleanser By Terra Tonics. It’s a lightweight, undiluted powder to foam cleanser which works to remove impurities to leave your skin feeling, fresh, smooth and rejuvenated. The natural active ingredients purify your skin by absorbing toxins and free radicals all whilst nourishing and repairing. This high antioxidant blend is formulated with organic adaptogens, botanicals and minerals and unlike water based cleansers, is activated fresh with each use.

Vanderohe Purifying Cleansing Oil 

The Purifying Cleansing Oil by Vanderohe is another great option for normal skin. Its a deep-cleansing and hydrating oil cleanser that purifies and revitalises the skin, whilst melting away all traces of makeup and daily grime with just one cleanse. It is lightweight enough to be washed away with water alone, but also works excellently with an Exfoliating Face Cloth. Its an effective and nourishing approach to cleansing – skin is left looking and feeling soft, clear and balanced.

Beauty, Elemental Cleanser, £42

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Beauty, Purifying Cleansing Oil, £88

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Dry and/or Dehydrated Skin

To all my dry skin friends, I know cleansing isn’t always fun. It can dry out the skin even further, and leave the skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. The secret to working with dry skin is to feed it hydration with every step. Dry skin can become easily irritated so it’s important to be gentle with it.

Fath Skincare Botanical Cream Cleanser 

FaTH Skincares Botanical Cream Cleanser uses botanical extracts to help nourish and hydrate the skin while gently removing make-up. The camellia seed oil moisturises the skin while helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its high levels of collagen boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture, ideal for dry skin. The aloe leaf extract is also a super hydrator, which draws moisture from the air and helps the skin to retain optimum hydration levels. As dry skin can also be prone to blemishes, the use of kaolin white clay helps to draw out these impurities from deep in the pores, leaving skin thoroughly purified and refined.

Albiva ECM Advanced Repair Nourishing Cleanser 

The ECM Advanced Repair Nourishing Cleanser by Albiva is a wonderful cleanser for dry or dehydrated skin, which focuses on soothing, hydrating and nourishing the skin. This gel cleanser transforms into a gentle lather to dissolve make up and impurities without compromising the skin’s protective barrier. The powerful blend of vitamins (A, E, C, B5) nourishes while the Neroli oil maintains skin’s elasticity to encourage a fresh, glowing complexion. Squalane, allantoin and glycerine all protect the skin’s natural hydration balance while extract from aloe vera calms and soothes away skin irritations.

Beauty, Botanical Cream Cleanser, £69

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Beauty, ECM Advanced Repair Nourishing Cleanser, £65

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Oily and/or Blemish Prone Skin

My approach to oily skin and blemish-prone skin is to be gentle and soothing. There is a rhetoric to over-exfoliate and starve oily skin of its natural oils. Sadly, by stripping the skin of its oils, you are telling the body to produce even more oil. Keeping oily skin hydrated is key to trick the sebum glands happy and producing a normal amount of oil. We’d recommend a hydrating cleanser or a cleanser specifically targeted to ‘very’ gently exfoliate the skin without stripping the skins natural moisture barrier.

FaTH Skincares Resurfacing Botanical Cleanser 

The Resurfacing Botanical Cleanser by FaTH Skincare is a deep-cleansing treatment that combines gentle exfoliation with skin-buffering enzymes to thoroughly refresh and renew the skin. It is formulated with fine-grain sustainable bamboo fibers, pomegranate enzymes and white clay to lift dead skin cells and impurities, while nourishing and hydrating the skin for a complete complexion reset.

Pelegrims Vitamin Boost Facial Cleanser

Pelegrims Vitamin Boost Facial Cleanser contains antibacterial, vitamin rich Tea Tree, Hazelnut and Rosehip as well as 1.5% Kent Cherry Extract and Pinot Noir Grape extract which aids the repair and rejuvenation of tired or damaged skin cells. Rosehip Oil is rich in essentials fatty acids, Vitamin A and C, which help with skin regeneration and improve the appearance of scars, while the Kent Cherry Extract, also rich in Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and reducing any inflammation caused by congestion or blemishes.

Beauty, Resurfacing Botanical Cleanser, £69

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Beauty, Vitamin Boost Facial Cleanser, £28

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Combination Skin

Combination skin can be a hard one to get under control, trust me, I know. Like with oily skin, you never want to be too harsh with the combination skin as it can cause an excess of sebum production along with causing irritation in the dryer areas, which is usually around the cheeks and mouth area. 

Maison Mades Biodynamic Restorative Cleansing Oil

The Biodynamic Restorative Cleansing Oil by Maison Made is a favourite here at REV, because it is non- stripping, balancing and a wonder for all skin types. This à la francaise multi-action facial cleansing oil which effortlessly melts and lifts ‘the day away’, simultaneously bestowing powerfully restorative and soothing antioxidant compounds, leaving the skin cleansed, nourished, and decadently supple. The harmony of omegas 3 and 6 supply the skin with soothing and rejuvenating properties, while the biodynamic plant extracts deliver a rich complex of phytonutrients in luxuriant carrier oils to nourish the skin.

Team Dr. Josephs Pure Micellar Cleansing Water

The Pure Micellar Cleansing Water by Team Dr. Joseph is a gentle cleanser, ideal for double cleansing, after an oil cleanser. The gentle micellar water with prickly pear and witch hazel effortlessly removes dirt without stressing the skin barrier. Prickly pear is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate and soothe the skin. For combination skin, which can have both oily and dry areas, prickly pear provides moisture without being overly greasy. Witch hazel is known for its astringent properties, which helps to control excess oil, while also having anti-inflammatory properties, helping reduce redness and irritation.

Beauty, Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil, £49

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Beauty, Pure Micellar Cleansing Water, £35

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Sensitive Skin

Like dry skin, sensitive skin can often be aggravated after cleansing. That is usually due to alcohol and stripping agents that don’t help anyone’s skin, especially sensitive skin. Sensitive skin requires a gentle and minimalist approach to avoid triggering any irritation or inflammation. We’d recommend  focusing  on hydration and using products to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Irene Forte have a wonderful range of botanical based skin care, all clinically approved for sensitive skin. 

Irene Forte Rigenerante Almond Cleansing Milk 

With a gentle blend of Aloe and Vitamin E plus a host of omegas, this replenishing cleansing milk simultaneously hydrates, nourishes, softens and soothes the skin. Its formulated to remove impurities while supporting skin health and nourishment. The Aloe Leaf Juice works to calm and soothe the skin, while the Wild Rose and Sweet Almond, rich in omega oils work to nourish the skin for notably softer skin.

Irene Forte Illuminate Lavender Foam Cleanser 

This low foaming, totally natural face cleanser is also dermatologically approved for sensitive skin. It harnesses the calming power of Lavender Water to purify, brighten and effectively remove any impurities from the skin for a refreshed and illuminated complexion. Rosemary Water is renown for its soothing and brightening properties, while a Soy Protein complex purifies the skin without damaging the skins natural barrier.


Beauty, Forte Rigenerante Almond Cleansing Milk, £85

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Beauty, Forte Illuminate Lavender Foam Cleanser, £70

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