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Radical Skincare’s Anti-Aging Range



Founded by Liz and Rachel in 2011, Radical Skincare creates consciously clean that truly works magic on the skin – regardless of your age. Their range is full of clinically proven ingredients that the brand is incredibly transparent about, so you know exactly what is going onto the skin and the benefits. While all of their products are amazing, I have a few suggestions for this Mother’s Day. Their Radical Rejuvafirm Facial Oil is such a special product as it is a superhero for all skin types, so it is such an easy gift to give to any mom in your life. It detoxifies the skin, calms redness and inflammation, and addresses any sun damage. After one month of use, individuals using its star ingredient (Arctic Winged Kelp) saw an incredible change in their skin. To pair with the oil, gift the amazing Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Cream, which is full of nutrients and antioxidants that have a really instant effect on the skin. The cream increases hydration, brightens the skin, and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is perfectly lightweight so it absorbs really easily, making it perfect for any skin type.





Terra Kaffe’s Super Automatic Espresso Machine, TK-01


Practical and chic, the TK-01 is perfect for the mom in your life who loves their morning cup of coffee. Born in Berlin and raised in Brooklyn, Terra Kaffe is raising the bar on espresso and more. They have created a super automatic espresso machine that saves you time by automatically grinding your beans and delivering an unrivalled coffee experience. It is so user-friendly with an impressive touchscreen and programmable settings, so you always get your perfect coffee. The water used in the machine goes through a filter to ensure the best taste possible. They’ve thought of everything with their TK-01. You can even seamlessly pick how you like your milk — foamy, silky, or somewhere in between! They offer a way for conscious coffee lovers to maximize coffee flavor and minimize unnecessary waste. The machine itself is beautiful — beautifully designed and fits seamlessly into any kitchen.





Juem’s Comfortable and Multi-Purpose Underwear


Whether the mom in your life is pregnant, postpartum, nursing, or just loves comfortable yet chic underwear – then Juem is the perfect choice. Juem creates pieces that will last a woman through different stages in her life as they use beautiful maximum stretch material that also happens to be incredibly comfortable. As someone who owns a few of their bras, I can confirm that you hardly know you have them on. I love their nursing bras as they make breastfeeding on the go so seamless, with an easy clip. Their briefs and shorts are also perfect for everyday lounging. An underwear set by Juem is the perfect gift for the new mom in your life!





Eye Care and Bodycare from Goldfaden MD


Created in 2013 by Dr. Gary Goldfaden and sisters-in-law Lisa and Lauren Goldfaden, Goldfaden MD has been a long-time favourite skincare and body care brand of mine. My mother has been using the line since it first launched 10 years ago! The brand truly has something for everyone making it an easy brand to buy gifts from. One of my favourite products from the brand (I’ve gone through at least 4 bottles of it) is the Bright Eyes Eye Cream – something every mom needs in their life, regardless of their age. It works very quickly and visibly brightens the eye area and reduces any puffiness. Another product that is a no brainer gift is Goldfaden’s Body Surge Body Moisturiser, which seamlessly hydrates even the driest of skins. It also tightens and firms the skin, leaving the skin looking smoother and more radiant. I always love to gift a body scrub along with a body cream, so you are really giving that mom in your life a whole ritual. Goldfaden makes an amazing body scrub, the Doctor’s Body Scrub, which contains ruby crystals that polish dead skin away while ingredients like fruit enzymes work to infuse the skin with antioxidants to promote smoother and younger looking skin.





Homecourt’s Cleaning Bundle


Currently a favourite of the entire REV team, Homecourt’s cleaning and homecare products are clean, nontoxic, smell incredible, and genuinely work! The brand sells all of their products separately but their bundles are such a fantastic gift and they are available in a variety of scents – stepped rose, neroli leaf, cyprus mint, and cece, which is Courtney Cox’s signature scent. In the bundle you’ll find their hand wash, hand cream, dish soap, surface spray, and their incredible candle. We love that the brand promotes caring for your home and yourself!





A Bottle of Wine from Sophie James


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bottle (or two) of organic wine as a gift. We love Sophie James Wine because her wines are made from organically farmed and US grown grapes. Her bottles have no added sugars and contain no harmful or unnatural additives. They always focus on quality over quantity so they have small production. While they have their wine club, which you can sign up to be a member of, they also sell a limited quantity of wines outside of that. From Pinot Noir to Cuvee Nouveau to Sauvignon blanc – there is a bottle for every mom in your life!




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