Flowers from Petalon

What could be better than some beautiful, locally sourced and sustainable flowers? I am ordering from Florence after our lovely interview! “A flower blooming in its proper season is the best version of that flower, it’s strong, healthy and indicative of the seasons. Locality is great for reducing the carbon footprint of transport.” – Florence of Petalon Flowers. 

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Vintner’s Daughter Set

Having just chatted to the founder, April, on the REV podcast I can say this is the perfect Mother’s Day set! At Vintner’s Daughter, they move at what they call the Speed of Quality. Every bottle of Vintner’s Daughter uniquely begins with the world’s most nutrient-dense whole plants and what follows is a 21-day temperature controlled infusion process that extracts every ounce of their powerful nutrients and plant actives in the most optimal ratios. Skin is able to recognize and utilize their formulas immediately because they mirror the natural, nutritive building blocks in all skin – perfect for mature skin! 




Pippa Small Jewelry

This is a jewelry line that has a wonderful give back ethos in it and I think makes a perfect gift for a mother as so many of the artisans Pippa works with are mothers themselves and women who are working in countries ravaged by way. Your purchase goes to supporting their work and I can’t think of a better piece of statement jewelry in that it has a deeper purpose behind each piece.





Meena Bangle in Gold Vermeil

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A Farm Box from Spring To Go

I think giving the gift of regenerative food might be the greatest gift possible at the moment and when I lived in London this was my go to for beautiful boxes of organic food items! Launched by sustainable restaurant, Spring London, Spring To Go is the home delivery service bringing you fresh and delicious local produce grown at Fern Verrow’s biodynamic farm in Wales. 




Marai Leather Goods

This leather line made from discarded goat hides is made in Switzerland and are accessories that she can really use and made to last a lifetime….possibly to hand down from a mother to a child! The idea for MARAI was born after the founders learned that Switzerland burns tens of thousands of goat and sheepskins from the food industry every year. If no buyers are found for the hides in the near future, they too will have to be burned. MARAI wants to counteract this wasteful practice through purposeful design. MARAI processes the hides locally using natural tanning agents to create beautiful leather that will last for decades. In small manufactories, this leather is used to produce timeless, high-quality products that will faithfully accompany you in your daily life for years to come.




Leather Scrunchie in Black

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Leather Tote Bag in Natural

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Namsu Zero Waste Starter Sets

I am trying hard to get my mother into more zero waste living, and these beautiful refillable body and hand wash sets from Namsu are perfect gifts to encourage less waste! They use plant-derived ingredients that cleanse and rejuvenate both body and mind. Namsû products are packaged using their unique refill and recycle system. Unlike a refill pouch, their bottles are 100% kerbside recyclable. Whenever you use a refill, you use up to 60% less plastic than if you would have purchased a traditional bottle and pump. Refill more to save more.




Body Wash Starter Kit

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Hand Soap Starter Kit

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Donation to Earth Justice

What could be better than honoring Mother Earth on Mother’s Day? This is one of my favorite charities as these lawyers work tirelessly to defend our planet and the people and animals that live here that so unfairly suffer from a lot of our actions.




More Ethical Mother's Day Ideas

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