rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty hand cream cosmydor

Organic hand and face cream by @cosmydor

Organic skincare by @ireneforteskincare

rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty face mask
rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty gua sha

Jade Gua Sha by @wildsourceapothecary

Set the Mood

I always begin by lighting some non toxic candles to set the mood and spread a de-stressing scent. I love the Soul Candle by EYM because it is a sensual blend of neroli, orange blossom, and ylang ylang, which work together to calm the nervous system – something I’m sure we could all use at this time!



rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty natural candle

Calm your Body and Mind

There is nothing more relaxing than a bath for me, and the Bath Salts from the garden by Bjork & Berries were formulated specially to calm the body and mind. Formulated with natural sea salts, lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm, your bathroom will be filled with the most gorgeous scent.



rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty bath salts

Keep up your Skincare Routine

Even though I have been working from home, I have been applying my natural makeup to attempt to feel a bit more normal. Therefore, I am still double cleansing, starting with an oil cleanse first. The Chia Seed Cleansing Oil by Voyage Organics is absolutely incredible. It deeply cleanses, eliminating dirt and oil from the pores, while nourishing sensitive and acne-prone skin. I take this time to give myself the first face massage of the routine, taking deep breathes, working intuitively, and doing what feels best. I use a cloud cloth to gently wipe away makeup and dirt.

The Haeckels natural Marine Face Cleanser is a great second cleanse. I gravitated towards it because it is low-foaming and never irritates sensitive skin types. It thoroughly cleanses without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance. During this difficult time, I am very passionate about supporting local business, like Haeckels, who are local to us in the UK.




rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty cleansing oil

Take Time for Treatments

To me there has to be a face mask involved for it to be a spa session. When I’m not sleeping well, and my skin feels a bit dull and grey, I reach for the Pistachio Face Mask by Irene Forte. With pistachio, pumpkin seed, and avocado oils, this mask leaves the skin incredibly hydrated and equally calmed by aloe leaf juice.



rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty face mask

The Power of a Facial Massage

After applying my face oil (I’m currently loving the Tamanu Face Oil by Voyage Organics to treat my acne scaring) I use my Gua Sha by Wild Source Apothecary every night because I have noticed such a difference in my skin since using it and it also helps to relax me before sleep. During such high anxiety times, I like to use the jade stone, as it is known to promote balance and clear negative emotions. Make sure the skin is well oiled before starting and use the tool to work up upwards and out. Work intuitively and do what feels best, just make sure you’re not dragging dry skin.



rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty gua sha

Hand Care to Protect and Repair

My hands have been incredibly dry since I have been washing my hands constantly. The Essential Cream for face and hands by Cosmydor has been my savor. It is the most thick and hydrating hand cream I have ever used yet it isn’t too greasy. Before bed I’ve been applying a generous amount to my hands and putting on cotton gloves to treat my hands to a little overnight hand mask. To help my hands I also have opted for a more natural hand soap. I use the Haeckels Bladderwrack Fennel Hand Cleanser as it kills bacteria and germs but doesn’t dry out the hands too much. 



rêve en vert relaxing organic beauty hand cream cosmydor

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