Reve en vert natural lubricants

Hanx's natural water-based lubricant.

Reve en vert natural lubricants
Reve en vert natural lubricants

Stimulating Serum by @rosebudwoman

Why should we be using natural lubricants?

Sex and masturbation are completely natural and we believe so should the lubricants we use. However, most conventional lubes are filled with chemicals that should be going nowhere near our bodies. Lubricants often are formulated with a pH exceeding 4.5, which can cause a multitude of different vaginal infections [Women’s Voices For The Earth].

Another concern with lubes is the osmolality levels, which refer to the product’s ability to draw out moisture from tissues and cells. Exposure to high osmolality can be detrimental and even result in vaginal tissue that shrivels up from lack of moisture. If you are using lube with parabens, chlorhexidine gluconate, undisclosed fragrances, and glycerin, I beg you to stop using it! Studies have shown that all of these chemicals can cause long term damage to the vagina.  

Thankfully there are some amazing, totally natural, and safe options out there for you and your partner. Keep on reading to discover our favourites!

Sex and self pleasure are completely natural, and so should the lubricants we use. However, most conventional lubes are filled with chemicals that should be going nowhere near our bodies.

1. Hanx

This natural, water-based lubricant by Hanx is vegan, paraben-free, and doesn’t trap bacteria making it friendlier to a woman’s natural balance. It is totally residue-free, meaning no stickiness or mess on your sheets.  Plus, it is totally safe to use with condoms too – just make sure it’s the Hanx biodegradable condoms! Read our interview with Hanx to learn more about sustainable sex and wellness, here.



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2. Moon Juice

This oil is an apoptogenic blend of Schisandra berry extract, rose oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil that soothes, hydrates, and feeds the skin powerful antioxidants. Moon Juice’s lube has a beautiful, intoxicating scent that instantly destresses the mind. Use with the Moon Juice’s Sex Dust for a true libido boost!



Reve en vert natural lubricants

3. Rosebud Woman

This stimulating serum by Rosebud Woman is formulated with natural and traditional aphrodisiacs to both stimulate and lubricate. According to Rosebud, 28% of pre-menopausal women and 58% post-menopausal women lack sensation down there. Thanks to them, this product can be used progressively, with or without intended intercourse to relubricate the tissues.



Reve en vert natural lubricants

4. Agent Nateur

This organic intimate oil not only hydrates but also boosts the libido. Floral oils formulated with ambrosial fruit gently relieves vagina dryness, low libido, and soothes any irritation. Agent Nateur’s lubricant was created especially to be a form of self-care. Whether you want to encourage sensual stimuli or hydrate down there, without having any of the usual fragrances involved. 



Reve en vert natural lubricants

5. Living Libations

Not only does this lubricant by Living Libations smell incredible, but it is formulated with amazing organic ingredients that both soothe and hydrate. Can be used as a full body massage oil, a daily moisturizer if you are prone to vaginal dryness, and of course as a lubricant!



Reve en vert natural lubricants

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