Reve en vert natural sustainable sexual wellness

HANX biodegradable condoms and natural lubricant

Reve en vert natural sustainable sexual wellness
Reve en vert natural sustainable sexual wellness

“Something as wonderful and natural as sex should not be bad for the environment or our bodies.”

Energy Help

When I’m are stressed, tired, and running on empty, sex is usually the last thing on my mind. The Perform Essential Daily Vitamins by BEAR are an incredible way of boosting your energy levels thanks to vitamin B12. The Bacopa in these vitamins, a traditional Ayurvedic ingredient, also help to increase mental clarity and soothe mild anxiety and stress. 

If you’re finding you are actually a bit wound up and needing a calming effect, the Turmeric CBD Oil by Wunder Workshop will be your new best friend. CBD can calm an anxious mind, soothe body aches, and decrease inflammation. It will also give your sex life a serious boost by enhancing sensations and quieting your mind so you can focus on the moment rather than the thoughts in your head! 

Fitness & Wellness, Perform Essential Daily Vitamins, £65

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I think it is incredibly important after a long day to take some time to reconnect with your body and check in. We can get so absorbed by our day, responsibilities, and work, that we forget to listen to our body’s needs. Instead of speeding through your post-shower routine, take five minutes to hydrate and soothe your skin with some body oil.

I love the Organic Idan Oil by Liha because of its warming scent and incredible hydration. Add a drop of Ylang Ylang essential oil by Voyanics if you are particularly stressed. It adds a beautiful warm, exotic, and luscious aroma. It instantly calms the mind. You can easily do this with your partner to reconnect with each other or alone for some self-love. 


Beauty, Organic Idan Oil, £39

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There should be no embarrassment when it comes to wanting or needing lubricant. Most conventional lubes contain harmful ingredients that should go nowhere near our bodies! To name a few – petroleum, parabens, citric acid, and glycerin, which can increase the chances of getting a yeast infection. No thank you!

HANX’s Natural Lubricant is a water-based, vegan, long-lasting, gentle, and paraben free lubricant. It is one of the best natural lubes on the market. Since it is water-based, it doesn’t trap bacteria, making it much more friendly to a woman’s natural balance. Plus, it isn’t sticky and is totally residue free, meaning no mess on your sheets (or wherever else).  



Intimacy, Vegan Condoms – 3 Pack, £6

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Staying Safe

All of us at Rev respect every woman’s choice to choose what form of birth control they feel the most comfortable with. With a growing population, birth control serves many important functions for our future. Conventional condoms are sadly hugely polluting and over 10 billion condoms are added to landfills every year [Stanford Mag]. HANX Condoms are 100% vegan and made from all-natural latex that will biodegrade in just three months. Plus, it doesn’t contain any of the normal synthetics or chemicals conventional condoms contain. Better for our bodies and the planet!    

Birth control pills may not contribute much physical waste but their main ingredient, synthetic estrogen, has contaminated our waterways. Altering the reproductive systems of aquatic life, damaging ecosystem dynamics. It is important to weigh up your options when choosing your birth control!

I’ve been using Natural Cycles for four years and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. However, it isn’t for everyone. It requires a consistent sleep schedule and wake up time, as you measure your basal temperature every morning. It is currently one of the most sustainable forms of birth control on the market as it is only an app and a thermometer!

The Power of Scent

Choosing your favourite fragrance is an amazing way to help evoke feelings of relaxation, or even excitement. We think it is always important to opt for natural, non-toxic fragrances for both scenting your skin and your surroundings. ST. ROSE’s artisanal fine fragrances are handcrafted with the highest-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients that are good for you and good for the Earth.

Bodha’s hand crafted natural perfume oils are designed to enhance your daily rituals. Each of the three scents features a unique blend of plant based ingredients designed to help you feel more calm, energised, or refreshed. To set the mood naturally, we also love their smokeless incense.



Beauty, Natural Perfume Oil in Vibration Nº1 Earth, £125

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Beauty, Enhancing Perfume Oil, £44

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Yes To Female Pleasure

Female pleasure is often a taboo subject and sadly not talked about in the same way male pleasure is. OMGyes is trying to change that. OMGyes is an online platform made by women for women to explore and learn pleasure techniques that have been uncovered in new research. They’ve turned research-based insights into something very personal and digestible.

“The most effective way to bust the myths around women’s pleasure is to really see the actual diversity and variability. Not the concept of it or a description of it – the reality of it. With actual, relatable women who love almost opposite techniques. And real anatomy, not just abstracted line-drawings with arrows.” [OMGyes]

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