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Meet Homecourt -


Founded by the fantastic Courtney Cox, Homecourt is REV’s new favourite conscious and clean homecare brand. They have products for cleansing your space alongside products, like their hand cream and hand wash that are much more about selfcare. Together their entire collection promotes both self-care and home care, and how often the two go together! Homecourt really cares about their environmental footprint as they believe (like us) that what we do now has effects on future generations. They’re dedicated to using recycled material and non- toxic ingredients. “The products we use each day should not only look and smell beautiful, but also should be safe for people, pets, and the planet.”

Homecourt use sustainable, plant-derived and upcycled ingredients in all of their products. They’ve worked with incredible perfumers and cosmetic specialists to develop formulas that are responsible but effective. Each and every product is safe for people and pets (when used directed of course)!





A few of their star ingredients –


Upcycled Rosewater –

Utilizing waste from the primary distillation, their perfumers recover additional olfactive components via an additional filtration process, revealing altogether different, fresher facets of the flower.


Sustainably Harvested Eucalyptus –

Working with leaves from felled trees (used for lumber) or via rotational harvesting, their suppliers do not use harsh pesticides to grow their crops, which is gentler on the environment and, ultimately, our skin.


Fair Trade Patchouli Fraction –

They partner with fair-trade suppliers in Indonesia who produce patchouli oil via an exclusive fractioning process that extracts and leaves behind the highest quality parts of the plant, lessening the overall environmental impact.







“ I created Homecourt because my home is my sanctuary. It is a home that’s filled with love and laughter, and a place where I can spend quality time with friends and family. I have taken great care to curate a space where everyone can feel “at home.” Our homes are the one place that can bring a sense of calm and serenity in our lives. Collectively, we seek good health, good habits, and wellness routines that make us feel like we are putting our best foot forward—so why not extend that philosophy into homecare?”


Courtney Cox



Our Favourite Products -


Most candles on the market are not sustainable or healthy to be burning in our homes. Finally, Homecourt have created an incredible nontoxic candle that is a true pleasure to burn. Their stepped rose scent is so incredible, that even without being burnt, the candle spreads the most incredible natural fragrance. It is almost like you have a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home! The candle comes in four scents and is made from a soy wax blend with an organic cotton wick, and is hand poured into a kiln-fired ceramic vessel that is so chic.


The Surface Cleaner –

Finding a clean and sustainably made all purpose cleaning spray is so difficult. The Homecourt spray also comes in the brand signature four scents, and they are all seriously amazing. It is a totally clean formula that seamlessly lifts away dirt, smudges, and grease without leaving any steaks or residue. In the spray you’ll find a coconut derived degreaser, which dissolves grease and loosens debris and Mediterranean cypress oil to purify your space and counters.


The Dish Soap –

Cleaning dishes should be a luxurious experience and thanks to Homecourt it can be! Winner of the 2022 Good Housekeeping Cleaning and Organizing Awards, the dish soap is skin-safe but super effective. It easily dissolves grease and grime, and leaves dishes sparkly. The soap is formulated with plant-derived surfactants, which naturally lists and removes food debris without harming our water ways. Like all their products, the soap is available in stepped rose, neroli leaf, cipres mint, and Courtney’s signature scent – cece.





Resetting your Side Table -


Our nightstands are probably one of our most used surfaces in our entire home. It is usually covered in night creams, body oils, tissues, and in our Head of Brand Partnerships case – diapers and toys! Sleeping next to a clear and cleansed space is so key to a clear mind and a good night sleep. To reset your side table, spray the surface cleaner in your desired scent to clean any dirt away. Next, place (and light) the Homecourt candle to bring an incredible scent and vibe to your entire room. Our Head of Brand Partnerships loves to bring in a bit of her garden to her side table, and inspired by Homecourt’s scents she reset her table with roses and mint. Pop Homecourt’s amazing hand cream on your bedside to add a bit of self-care to your nightly ritual!


Brought to you in partnership with our friends at Homecourt!





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