The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush


The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush
The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush


The Benefits of Skin Brushing

I’ve incorporated dry brushing into my everyday routine during quarantine as I’ve allowed myself more time as I haven’t been in a rush to be anywhere! The process is very soothing and actually very meditative. Now that temperatures have warmed up and we are spending more time with our skin exposed, I thought I’d share my secret weapon to keeping a healthy tan along with having crazy soft skin.

Along with preserving our healthy summer glow, dry brushing does so much for the skin and the body. Like Gua Sha, dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins within the body. It is very common for the lymph system to become stagnant, which can play a part in weakening our immune system and causing an unwanted cold from toxins sitting in the body. Since the skin is our largest organ, what we feed our skin directly affects what is happening underneath. When we dry brush, we are increasing blood circulation within the body, so it is very common for your skin to turn red during the practice. 

After a few weeks of dry brushing, I noticed my skin was noticeably softer, smoother, and even tighter. Since the practice is a form of manual exfoliation, we are helping to speed up cell turnover and rid the skin of dead skin, which can make our skin look pasty. Dry brushing completely rid my body of a grey cast, which is just a buildup of dead skin.




The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush

How to Dry Skin Brush

Dry brush your body two to three times a week. Always dry brush before you shower or have a bath so that you can wash off the dead skin you buff away. I love dry brushing in the morning before my shower as it really wakes me up. Use a firm pressure but it should never hurt! Start at your feet and work upwards in long circular motions, always moving up towards the heart. Take your time so you brush every inch of your body.

Brush softly around your bikini line and I promise it will get rid of any unwanted ingrown hairs. Move onto your hands and arms, working upwards towards the armpits. When you brush around the neck, make sure to brush downwards towards the heart. Use circular strokes on your stomach, always moving clockwise. Move on to the back of your body and follow the same technique of brushing towards the heart. I like to jump into a cold shower in the mornings after my dry brushing practice – it is as good as a morning coffee.

After your rinse, while your skin is still damp it is essential to feed your skin some hydration. I love using the Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil because it is a lightweight oil that is deeply hydrating. When you apply an oil onto damp skin, you end up needing a lot less product as the water helps to spread it more easily. The Costa Brazil oil also helps to firm and brighten the skin, so it works perfectly alongside the dry brushing practice.




The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush

Our Favourites Brushes

Glasshouse Salon Wooden Dry Body Brush

This brush is made using traditional methods with high quality thermo ash wood and wild boar bristles. Perfect for dry body brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and gently exfoliate dead skin cells for smoother, healthy looking skin. The brush is made with a long handle to access all areas of the body, especially the back. Find it on our site here.


Iris Hantverk Bath Brush via Homework Store

This handleless bath brush is made from oak, horse hair and tampico fibre. Horse hair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable while still durable. It gives a soft and comfortable lather to our soap bars and could also be used as a dry brush to stimulate and invigorate the skin. Find it here.


The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush

Basho Long Handled Body Brush

This brush is elegantly designed for ease of use and made from oil teated birch and natural horse hair, handmade by visually impaired craftspeople. Find it here. We also recommend using one of Basho’s organic body oils after brushing.


Stass and Co Body Brush

This circular body brush by Stass and Co is made from Luxurious Walnut Wood and Natural Sisal Bristles. It features a handle strap making it really easy to use! Find it here.


The benefits of dry skin brushing how to dry skin brush

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