Reve en vert how to meditate and relax at home



Reve en vert how to meditate and relax at home
Reve en vert how to meditate and relax at home

Getting Comfy

Meditation is a practice that I have dipped in and out of for the last eight years. It is something I haven’t been able to do daily for years, however, when I get back into it, I wonder why I haven’t been doing this all along! With so much fear, uncertainty, and confusion about the present and the future, I’ve found it hard to concentrate and even sleep. My head has been absolutely filled with headlines, differing statistics, and empty promises from ignorant politicians. 

For the past two and a half weeks, I have been starting my day with a meditation. I started off with seven minutes, working up to ten, and then to fifteen. In my practice I work on quieting my head and asking all the chatter in my head to fade away. Like most, I find it very difficult to get into a comfortable position to sit for fifteen minutes straight. The Natural Meditation Cushion has been a godsend for my sit bones and back, as it allows me to feel totally supported so discomfort doesn’t distract from my practice.


Lying Down

If sitting is too difficult for you, another way to begin your meditation practice is simply by lying down. The Eco Yoga Mats by Complete Unity Yoga are incredibly comfortable and perfect to relax on. 

When I find it difficult to get into my meditation, there are a few tools that help me ease into it. When I’m lying down, I use a Relaxation Eye Cushion that blocks out light and helps me relax with its incredible lavender scent. If you have a bad back or find it feels tense when lying down. I highly recommend trying a cotton yoga bolster to put under your knees to give your lower back a break. 


Yin Yoga

If you really struggle with sitting still during meditation, don’t worry, we have something just for you. Yin Yoga is an amazing way to help your body learn to sit longer, in comfortable meditative poses that work to stretch the body gently. It usually requires holding positions for around three to five minutes. It is also incredible if you struggle with tightness in the body, which I’m sure at the moment we all do.  If you are new to Yin Yoga, I highly recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene’s introduction to Yin, as well as Laura van Rees’ relaxing sequence.



Since I have been having a hard timing getting to sleep, I’ve brought my meditation practice to my evening routine too. I try to do my evening skincare routine as mindfully as possible, choosing products that really aid relaxation such as the Lavender Calming Facial Mist by Voyage Organics. I try and refrain from screen time up to an hour before bed, as the light from the computer stimulates my brain. Instead of switching on a film, I now use the lifechanging Calm App and light a candle to set a calm, peaceful mood. The app contains guided mediations that are specifically made to relax the mind for sleep. It is something that my husband and I have started to do together every night, and we have noticed such a difference. I’ve even started taking CBD Oil from Wunder Workshop every night for extra relaxation and to boost my immune system! 

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Words by Taylor Blair-Dubuis

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