Reve en vert organic wine Tillingham wines

A delicious rose from organic wine producer, Tillingham Wines.

Reve en vert organic wine Tillingham wines

REV Beauty and Content Editor @taylorblair1 shares her favourite organic wines.

I’ll be honest with you all, I have never felt like I needed a glass of something strong more than during the last month or so of social distancing and staying inside. My organic wine deliveries have been events to look forward to. Organic wines are healthier for you and the planet anyway…free of pesticides, added chemicals, artificial flavors, and added sugars. Most of these things actually enhance or even cause a bad hangover. Since I switched to only organic or natural wine a few years ago, I haven’t even had a hangover!


Taylor, Beauty and Content Editor.

Local Wine with Tillingham Wines

I have been making the effort to buy from local winemakers here in the UK. Low Intervention has an incredible selection of English wines and they’ve convinced me that our rainy, grey country actually makes delicious organic and natural wine. Let’s talk Tillingham Wines. A natural and biodynamic wine producer based in the countryside of East Sussex, where their farm dates back to the 13th century. They are “championing ancient traditions and the best practice learnt from a millennia of farming and winemaking,” and you can taste it. I can’t wait to go stay at their farm, in their Victorian farmstead, and drink their wine at the source. Something to look forward to in the future.

All of their wine is a must-try. Their PN19 wine, a Rose, is the first wine I tried by them – I won’t lie, I picked it because it is the most glorious colour. “Bright cherry and damson with floral notes, crisp and refreshing with a dry finish.” It is absolutely delicious, and it paired perfectly with the warmer weather we’ve been having in London.

Their 2018 white wine is another incredible wine, that is approachable and a great start for anyone wanting to try natural wine. It is an unfiltered wine, that has a fruity aroma and is light and easy drinking. This is a wine that is hard to put down after just a glass. 

If you want to try something really funky, their 2018 rose is a middle ground between a rose and an orange wine. It is incredibly savory, almost a bit salty but it is balanced with hints of strawberry and butterscotch. A wine to sip slowly and enjoy over time.

What to Pair with Tillingham Wines

Tillingham wines are sophisticated but chic and modern. Since we aren’t going out, I think it is important to dress up to stay in, with your glass of wine. I’m wearing my white hemp dress by Mara Hoffman to feel as natural and elegant as my wine. 


Buy Tillingham Wines directly from their site hereOr find them on Low Intervention.

Words by Taylor Blair-Dubuis. Imagery from Tillingham Wines.

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