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Lather Luciously With Haeckels

Lather Luciously With Haeckels

100% naturally formulated, Haeckel’s products dispel the vice of the occasional luxury of bathing. Made of high concentrations of active natural extracts, Haeckel bath salts, exfoliating bars, and essences retain their richness in amber glassware bottles… our partners @ Haeckel promote slowing down and not rushing to clean yourself.

The bath and body brand, coined the ‘self-financed tiny giant’ uses seaweed and other hand-harvested beach products to deliver valuable vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to your skin. Natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin rebuilding qualities of Haeckel products combat the effect of polluted air, late nights, and increased screen time harming our bodies. Based in Margate, Haeckel promotes the everlasting value of the ocean by encouraging wellness inside and out.


Their philosophy promotes messages in line with the Holiday Season.. ,


Respect all and neglect none

Share all, create debate

Use business ot inspire and implement solutions to the world’s ocean crisis

From the ocean for the ocean…

Activist Paul Watson encourages us to monitor our consumption as, “intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment.”




“When I came to Margate, it was a run-down town and what hadn’t fallen away were the sustainable businesses.  Seeing all the seaweed on the beach, I thought, what could I do with this? I was at a summit in Taiwan with Google, teaching people what to do with their natural resources on the harbour with an understanding of their celebration of the earth. On their beaches, there is only enough seaweed to make about 80 bars of soap and a handful of serums a year, but we will take that. Now we are onto Jamaica, which has more seaweed than Asia altogether. I can’t think of anything better than a company celebrating its core ingredient however it can.” – Dom Bridges, Haeckles founder.