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Biodynamic® Rejuvenating Face Oil



Rejuvenating, protective, and nutrient-dense. Formulated for all skin complexions. Non-irritating and non-sensitizing based on dermatological testing. Microbiome Friendly.

The Extrait de Maison is our foundational creation and a genuine jardin-to-bottle experience that transports you to the French countryside during golden hour at sundown. This universal Biodynamic® face oil offers proven high potency antioxidant and replenishing support through a synergistic complex of phytonutrients, omega fatty acids and free radical fighting antioxidants. Size is 30 ml ~ 1 fl. oz. Please note this item ships from the United States! 


hand made

Hand Made

organic materials


plant based materials

Plant based



Delivers protective phytonutrients and antioxidants to counter the effects of indoor and outdoor environmental factors such as air pollution, UV and blue light exposure, smoke, and extreme weather conditions.


Supports the natural physiology of the skin and strengthens barrier function and integrity.


Replenishes skin with precise ratios of nourishing fatty acid compounds for improved suppleness.


Gentle and effective for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

This formula is 100% bioactive.

Ingredient synergy is the basis for a truly high-performance beauty product. This formula is 100% bioactive with intentionally selected, synergistic ingredients, supporting and enhancing each others’ capabilities to support the natural physiology of the skin to function at full potential.

Each extract is a targeted synergy of botanicals.

For each product in the Maison Made Collection, the company develop a customized extraction blend employing their proprietary Complexe du Jardin™ method. This specific method meticulously saturates an oil with the nourishing medicinal properties of the plants they grow in their jardin following the Biodynamic® principles. As they grow each plant exclusively for each product, each extract is a targeted synergy of botanicals that addresses the desired actions of the product.

Notes from the Jardinier

Healthy Soil = Healthy Ingredients = Healthy Skin


“Our herb garden is focused on plants that have remarkable properties specific to skincare. Biodynamics shows us that those plants that nourish the skin, also happen to nourish the soil. There is a certain symbiotic harmony here: vitality nurturing vitality.”

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