Leather Scrunchie in Black



No more bad hair days! Our scrunchies complement every hairstyle and give your outfit the ultimate finishing touch. The scrunchies are stretchy, comfortable to wear, and also look cool as an accessory around your wrist. The Marai twist is a small opening at the side of the seam, allowing the elastic to be tightened or replaced at any time. Dimensions: 40cm.  Made from discarded goat hides that have been vegetable tanned on the exterior. Organic cotton and organic rubber elastic band on the interior.

Please note this items ships from the maker in Switzerland! 


artisanal production


locally sourced

Locally Made

plastic free

Plastic free

recycled upcycled materials

Upcycled / Recycled

vegetable tanned

Vegetable Tanned

What is ethical leather?

Animal hides are a major by-product of the local meat and dairy industry. As long as the consumption of dairy and animal products continues, it makes perfect sense to use the hides of these animals – rather than burning them.  MARAI produce leather in a way that makes sense: with natural tanning agents from renewable resources and with responsible partners that are selected with care. They consider ecological, ethical, and fair production conditions to be a must.




Marai bags are handcrafted from the first cut to the last seam in a southern German manufactory. Craftsmanship is a tradition there – the family business is now successfully run by the second generation. From the 1960s onwards, more and more manufacturers moved their production abroad. Cheap products flooded the market – local businesses that produced handmade things closed down. This manufactory swam against the tide and stayed true to both its principle of ‘Handmade in Germany’ and its location. Each product is a unique piece made with expertise and dedication. 


Natural Instead of Synthetic Materials

Quality and Craftsmanship

Local Production

Transparent Communication

Marai Ethical Leather

Marai Ethical Leather

Marai Ethical Leather

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