Lauren Singer talking with @corahilts

Lauren Singer talking with @corahilts


“My job is to talk to people who are literally inventing the future every single day by creating companies and technologies and systems that will get us out of this alive.”


Lauren Singer

About Lauren:


Most recently, Lauren has co-founded and become Managing Partner of Overview, where they invest in businesses mitigating methane and other super pollutants at the earliest stages. Overview is driven by the “overview effect,” coined by author Frank White, which is a profound experience that astronauts have when they see the Earth from space, feeling a sense of awe and interconnectedness with our planet. It inspires a deeper appreciation for the Earth and a desire to protect it. To put it simply, it’s the realization that this is all we’ve got. Overview invest in companies that are creating solutions to address climate change. Their mission is to support and partner with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages who can unlock innovations that have the potential to transform industries, making our future more resilient and equitable for generations to come.





“We take a very different approach, we are investing in companies from the lens of what has the capacity to drive the largest amount of change in the shortest amount of time when it comes to mitigating climate change.”


Lauren Singer

Merci To Our Sponsor For This Episode!



Lauren and I do a deep dive into ethical entrepreneurship that I hope really inspires any budding business starters out there, but first I would like to say thank you to our sponsor today, Brightmark.

Brightmark is a business that is using cutting-edge technology to create solutions for waste through circular innovations, so they could not be more in synergy with a woman who started her career in pursuit of bringing a zero waste lifestyle to consumers.

Brightmark is now providing further technological solutions to some of the world’s most pressing waste challenges, including turning organic waste into clean, renewable energy and closing the loop on plastic waste.They also are tackling the food waste issue, which Lauren and I will discuss a bit more in detail today.

A staggering 54 million tons of food is wasted annually in the U.S.* Food waste globally accounts for approximately 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. However Brightmark are working to divert this waste, break it down sustainably to capture methane and other biogases, then re-distribute it into compost.

Brightmark’s Circularity Centers™ deploy circular solutions for some of the world’s most pressing waste challenges—unlocking the value in waste by transforming them into new products.

Reimagining Waste is more than a mission; it’s a way of life at Brightmark. We encourage you to learn more and explore their resources for participating in a more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle at!





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