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“What you’ll see at Kindred is, we don’t lead with sustainability. And this is a fascinating part of this business, one of our investors is Robert Downey Jr. and I was chatting with him about this, he said, “this is one of those rare areas where you don’t have to compromise to be sustainable. The EV drive train is just better. It is lower maintenance, it is higher performing, it is a push on cost, and it just so happens to be highly environmentally friendly.”


Rob Howard

About Kindred Motorworks


Kindred Motorworks builds vehicles that combine nostalgia, timeless design and character of the past with today’s reliability and performance.

At their design center on Mare Island in Vallejo, California they spend countless hours on every Kindred model prototyping and painstakingly evaluating thousands of design decisions that drive performance and reliability.

At Kindred they believe EV’s improved reliability, lower maintenance and sustainability result in vintage cars superior to the originals.






“What we’re doing here cannot be improved by robots, there’s just no way to do that, so that unlocks the ability for us to create these great jobs. When we did the ribbon cutting on this building here February last year, I didn’t cut the ribbon, the mayor didn’t cut the ribbon, the congressman didn’t cut the ribbon, it was our first technician named Carlos, who cut the ribbon.”


Rob Howard

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EV Bronco, VW Bus, and 3100 available for Pre-Order.


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