Today I am so excited to bring with you a conversation about eating for body and skin health, beauty from within, and purpose led business with Whitney Tingle, co-founder and co-CEO of Sakara, which brings organic, plant-rich, meals right to your front door.

I have long been a fan of Sakara due to their huge efforts towards sustainable food production, education around nutrition, preventative approaches to healthcare, and all round well-being of their clients.


– Cora Hilts, REV CEO




“Our goal is really to help people transform their lives, that we are creating something so much bigger than just a widget that is getting traded amongst Wall Street. We’re really here to create a movement and have an impact on people, to transform the way that people think about food and health and medicine, and have food and nutrition in your lifestyle become part of that healing protocol that doctors and healers will use today and in the future.”


Whitney Tingle

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The Sakara Life Website – Sakara Life.


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