skye gyngell spring restaurant

Skye and Cora at the podcast recording studio.

skye gyngell spring restaurant
skye gyngell spring restaurant

Spring restaurant.

She began what has become an incredibly illustrious career as head chef at Petersham Nurseries, before starting her very own restaurant, Spring, which has been often noted as one of London’s most sustainable, and beautiful, places to dine. Most recently, she has become the Culinary Director at Heckfield Place, where she oversees a biodynamic farm and encourages locality and seasonality in all the food prepared there. We talk about her journey within the organic food movement, the importance of working with British farmers, zero waste eating and food waste, and her most recent achievement of becoming the UK’s first restaurant to entirely ban single use plastics.

What We Are Wearing To Dine At Spring

shaina mote roma dress
Shaina Mote
Roma Dress in Black
araks wen bodysuit terra
Wen Bodysuit in Terra Cotta


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