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The Copenhagen Green Guide

Meet The locals

With Copenhagen Fashion Summit just around the corner, we talk to inspiring locals and try to grasp a little of the city’s sustainable mentality

The sixth edition of the world’s most important event on sustainability in fashion, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, will take place on Tuesday 15th of May 2018 at the concert hall of the Danish capital where an assemblage of fashion leaders,  NGO’s, academics and experts from around the world will discuss sustainability in the global fashion industry. Each year, Copenhagen sets the tone by addressing specific paths to sustainability progress with last year’s incentives evolving around the macro perspective, circular design, supply chain transparency and sustainable consumption. It’s no surprise that the Danish capital hosts such an event, being one the leading cities in innovation of ethical living. A few of Copenhagen’s initiatives include being at the forefront of design and infrastructure integrating green roofs to its urban development strategies, an aim to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, world famous for its biking culture that outnumbers cars. In fact daily, 50% of the inhabitants of Copenhagen ride a bicycle to work.



We talk to locals, Marie Louise Hostbo, architect, and Nana Hagel, photographer, about their favorite spots and inspirations behind their home city.


Culinary Ventures


MLH  -   ‘Mid-June brings organic strawberries to the city. Denmark is a small country and it is easy to get fresh and local food at the market – Torvehallerne. I eat strawberries directly from the basket on my walk and enjoy with the rest of my family (double) cream on the terrace in the evening.’


NH  -  ’If you’re looking to get a taste of the New Nordic cuisine at affordable prices whilst in Copenhagen, Höst is the place to opt for. This beautiful restaurant has been awarded the best designed restaurant in the world, and with an abundance of smaller trees and plants, specially designed ceramics from Danish Menu and beautiful vintage windows used as room dividers, the interior design really is stunning. Luckily, the food is great too.’

NH  -  ’Torvehallerne, a haven for foodies, these two covered markets offer everything you could wish for within the culinary world. A lot of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat food is organic, and some of Copenhagen’s finest in salads, sandwiches, coffee and delicious pastries are found here. The place fills up on Friday afternoon and during weekends, and in the summertime, people enjoy a glass of wine with their choice of lunch in the outside courtyard.’

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'Whether it’s the city’s best restaurants, its beautiful shops or lush and green public spaces, the Danish capital shines a spotlight on all things conscious'




Outdoor Locations


NH  -  ‘One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is the Botanical Garden close to the city centre. In these beautiful greenhouses from the 19th century you will find a live museum holding the largest collection of living plants in the country. The garden is part of the University of Copenhagen and is used for scientific research and teaching. During winter, I like to come here with a cup of coffee, sit on the little bench for a while and enjoy the warmth of the greenhouses. During summer, the huge garden is a perfect place for a picnic or a walk by the small lakes.’


MLH  -   ‘ When I need a rest from the noise I tend to search for places with an esthetic calmness. Grundyig’s Church is one of these places. It has references to large cathedrals as well as small village country side churches in Denmark. It was designed by the Danish architect P.V. Jensen Klint and completed by his son Kaare Klint. I like to get a connection to nature by walking along the harbor. A valuable contribution to the city is  the Circle Bridge – by Danish/Islandic artist Olafur Eliasson – where historical buildings mix in with the new. Pedestrians and cyclists share the bridge and consolidate the fact that by walking/cycling, we contribute to a sustainable city.’

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Photographe Marie Louise Hostbo

Be sure to rent a bike when you visit !

Green-minded Copenhagen


MLH  -  ‘Copenhagen is a city small enough to get around in on foot. It’s location by the sea has brought the whole world to the city, together with an awareness of surrounding nature’



NH  - ‘ Værnedamsvej is well worth a visit when in Copenhagen. The street has many cool cafés and restaurants as well as one of the most charming shops in town: Blomsterskuret. Owned by flower designer and potter Martin Reinicke, this tiny flower shop offers starter plants and fresh-cut flowers in season. Even if you’re not looking to buy plants to take home, Blomsterskuret’s beautiful décor and flower arrangements is an inspiring place to visit. And if you’re lucky, you can find a vintage candle holder or pot to take home.’