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Milky Oat Postpartum Meal Service + Wellness Remedies -


I can’t recommend a meal delivery service any more. Having your meals taken care of for the first 42 days (at least) means that you and your partner can recover and soak up your newborn without having to stress about cooking or meal prep. If you are California-based, then look no further than Milky Oat. They are a postpartum meal delivery service that provides amazing and organic postpartum nourishment. They provide many different options, but I can’t recommend their six-week plan enough because those first 42 days post-birth are so key to rest and nourish yourself. Food and nutrition play such a huge role in both recovery and sustaining yourself while you breastfeed. I truly have never been so hungry as when I’m breastfeeding! Luckily, Milky Oat provides not just delicious meals but wonderful snacks and drinks that can even help with lactation. They also have incredible tinctures and botanical ghee that you can get nationwide, so even if you are out of state, you can still get your hands on the Milky Oat goodness. They have tinctures for lactation, energy, immune support, and emotional support – all things new moms need on hand!



Baby, Magnetic Bodysuit in Sand, £110

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Baby, Long Sleeve Bodysuit in Hazel, £120

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Jorgen House Maternity + Postpartum Wear –


20 plus months into motherhood and I live in my Jorgen House products every single day. They are made to last, and even with my daily use of the bras, there is no sign of wear! I love nothing more than pieces that will last you through different stages of life – pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Their nursing bras especially are my personal go-to – they are comfy enough to wear to sleep! They allow easy and effortless access to the breast so baby can feed with ease. Jorgen House’s products are amazing gifts because they will last your loved ones through different stages of life and with a changing body! 




Baby, Mom’s SOS essentials, £26

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Baby, Mini Bloom Discovery Kit, £55

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Mini Bloom Natural Baby Care + Postpartum Products -


Natural nappy cream and bath care can be hard to find but Mini Bloom creates my favourite products that are completely safe for baby and thoughtfully made. Their nappy cream continues to be a staple in our home, and we have been using it since our baby was just a few weeks old – it cures nappy rash overnight. The Mini Bloom Discovery Kit has everything you need – from diaper rash relief cream to organic nipple balm, to hair and body wash. Their products are always free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, toxins, synthetic fragrances, and harsh ingredients. They always use organic plant-based ingredients whenever possible, and their packaging is fully recyclable or even biodegradable.





Non-Toxic and Organic Baby Clothes & Accessories -


You can never go wrong with adding organic baby clothes to your registry. My favorite brand is Pehr as they make a variety of baby essentials that are all made with 100% organic cotton. Their onesies are incredibly soft, easy to get on, and come in the cutest patterns. Their baby clothing bundles are a perfect gift as they come with essentials. They also have great pieces for older kids, so you can gift Pehr to different ages.  



20 plus months into motherhood and I still use my Artipoppe carrier most days. My carrier has been with me since my baby was a few weeks old. It is how I got her to sleep and how I got things done! As they are on the more expensive side, they really are perfect gifts if you are looking to send new parents something really special (and useful!). They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the brand only uses natural and safe materials like organic cotton or hemp. The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is my favorite as it is so comfy and supportive. 





Kiki Milk Organic Plant Based Blends -


Kiki Milk is the packaged plant-based milk that’s as clean, whole, and simple as the one you would make at home. Created alongside pediatricians and nutritionists, Kiki Milk is Certified Organic and crafted with a nourishing blend of high-quality, organic whole foods for a more nutritionally complete beverage, so busy parents can confidently fuel the needs of the growing children and adults in their household. Kiki Milk offers three different plant milk blends, along with a nut-free, oil-free butter/spread! Kiki Milk works with one of the first Certified Regenerative organic companies to source their coconut sugar for their line. All of their products make such great gifts!

Use the code ‘giftkiki’ for 20% off your order!




Baby, Cosi Merino Set in Red Fire, £191

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Baby, Apapacha Cocoon in Beige Linen, £162

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Dulce De Lana’s Merino Wool Essentials –


Made from 100% merino wool and made to fit babe for the first six months of life, the Cosi Merino Sets are an amazing gift that promises to keep babies’ temperature regulated and won’t irritate their sensitive skin. All of Dulce de Lana’s pieces are made in Mexico by hand with the most high-quality wool. Its active fibers maintain the ideal body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. Plus, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and has a protective layer against stains.





'Sustainable Play' book by Sydney Piercey


Written by our friend by Sydney Piercey, the book Sustainable Play is a fantastic gift for parents. Filled with 60+ creative, accessible, and plastic-free projects and play ideas, Sustainable Play is packed with crafts and games to enjoy with your children on slow, rainy or drawbridge days at home. Sydney provides you with budget-friendly, easy-to-follow ideas to play and create in this handbook, inspired by her family’s love of the simple things. From step-by-step projects to create magical toys from your leftover cereal boxes to joy-filled games using everyday objects from around your home, Sustainable Play will equip you with the inspiration you need to entertain your children in a creative, stimulating, and sustainable way – being kind to the planet in the process.





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Feldspar fine bone china fruit bowl
Feldspar Studio
Cobalt Fruit Bowl
Forestry Wool
Wool Blanket in Ecru Duo
Casa Parini
Hemp Duvet Cover in Sage Salvia
Fabric & Surface Bio-active Cleaning Bundle

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