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R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware

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Val des Monts Climate Beneficial Beanies


I am really trying hard to shop for items that use regenerative farming methods, and so I was thrilled to find the most adorable beanies made with wool from this sustainable practice! Val des Monts beanies are made from 100% USA grown Climate Beneficial™ Fibers. Farming and ranching involved with Climate beneficial fibers raise sheep using a carbon farmed practice that sequesters more carbon dioxide then the ranch emits, and improves soil health.



Accessories, Climate Beneficial Beanie in Black, £99

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Accessories, Climate Beneficial Beanie in Toast, £99

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Navy Grey Jumpers


Another huge topic for me has been locality and showcasing brands that produce close to home, so I was thrilled when Navy Grey launched a new (gorgeous!) sweater that has been made entirely within a 200 mile radius in the United Kingdom.



Maison Made set for my best friend


I am obsessed with this first ever certified biodynamic, luxury skincare. It is such a simple line but truly smells like a lavender field when you open it. The ethos matches the beautiful packaging, making this a wonderful present for anyone in your life you think deserves a little pampering.




Beauty, Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil, £49

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Beauty, Biodynamic® Rejuvenating Face Oil, £120

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Adopt an Animal from the WWF


I have always been a huge lover of animals and I truly believe adopting an endangered animal and supporting the work of the WWF is such a lovey way to share the love for our beautiful planet and the other creatures that inhabit it with us this year!


adopt a wild animal-wwf animal adoption-wildlife adoption

Feldspar for my in-laws


My in-laws live in Devon, England right near the beautiful old farmhouse where Feldspar Fine Goods make most of their beautiful fine china products. We have been giving them items from them for years now as it’s such a wonderful, local gift from a family run company. My favourite has been the butter dish and the gold bunch vase!





Christmas Gifts, Gold China Butter Dish, £88

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Christmas Gifts, Gold Bunch Vase, £155

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Amass Botanical Spritis


I love AMASS spirits because they are all natural, non-GMO, plant based and vetted by the best in the business. No artificial preservatives or unnecessary chemicals in their bottles, just plants. They use ingredients from adaptogens I love like Lion’s Maine mushrooms and Ashwaganda for a totally clean cocktail.




R & D Glassware


My godmother is a wine lover, so beautiful wine glasses were my first thought for her. I am obsessed with our R&D glassware, which is all hand made, mouth blown glassware produced in small batches in Italy. Their shapes are beautiful and this line celebrates a craft that could otherwise die out. It’s a very special story to give someone a set of their items!



Christmas Gifts, Luisa Calice Wine Glasses in Pink – Set of 2, £158

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Christmas Gifts, Luisa Vino Millerighe Glasses – Set of 2, £80

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Maison Made
Biodynamic® Rejuvenating Face Oil
Maison Made
Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil
Maison Made
Lavender Biodynamic® Hydrosol
R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware
Luisa Calice Wine Glasses in Pink – Set of 2
R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware
Helg Calice Glasses – Set of 2
Feldspar Gold bunch vase
Feldspar Studio
Gold Bunch Vase
Feldspar studio handmade fine bone china cobalt blue butter dish
Feldspar Studio
Cobalt China Butter Dish


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