Reve en vert beauty foods for skin health glowing skin

Full of enzymes, papaya does wonders for the skin.


Reve en vert beauty foods for skin health glowing skin
Reve en vert beauty foods for skin health glowing skin

@wunderworkshop make turmeric incredibly easy to add to your daily diet.

Skin Health & Diet

It is so important to consider the food we eat to ensure we are getting a well-rounded, balanced intake. I am someone who doesn’t ever believe in cutting calories but instead eating in tune with my body and paying attention to what agrees with my skin and body. This doesn’t stop me from enjoying food to the fullest, partaking in pasta, wine, chocolate, and sugars.

Like the rest of life, finding balance is the secret. In every meal, I try and sneak in as many skin foods as I can, and luckily, they are all delicious ingredients. Our skin often mirrors what is happening internally, so it is key to pay attention to reactions after meals. While our skin looks the way it does for a multitude of reasons, diet is a very big factor in our skin’s health. Here I talk you through 5 more of some of my favourite ‘beauty foods’!

Taylor, Beauty and Wellness Editor

1. Turmeric

What doesn’t turmeric do? It is full of antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. As Shiva Rose says, “turmeric is like powdered gold and sunshine.” It is a potent medicinal root, that has been used for thousands of years to treat different illnesses. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a potent antioxidant and helps fight inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by poor diet and or high cortisol levels, which can cause breakouts. Eating to counter inflammation daily is important as inflammation is the root cause of lots of illnesses. Luckily turmeric is absolutely delicious and a main ingredient in lots of Indian curries.

Wunder Workshop makes turmeric incredibly easy to add to your daily diet. Their Golden Shrooms powder is an adaptogenic mushroom formula that is blended with turmeric to promote a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation. Wunder Workshop’s Turmeric Honey is a treat in itself. Add a spoon full to some tea or just enjoy a spoonful of honey!

2. Papaya

Full of enzymes, papaya does wonders for the skin when eaten internally and applied directly to the face. Papaya contains the enzyme, papain, which helps keep our digestion healthy and working normally. When our digestion isn’t functioning correctly, it can cause unwanted inflammation in the body amongst other issues. Papaya is also high in Vitamin A, which helps to regulate our sebum production, keeping our hair and skin naturally moisturized. When applied on the skin, mashed papaya helps to clear away dead skin cells naturally while also pumping the skin full of vitamins.

If you struggle to get ahold of papaya, the Maryse Beauty Enzyme Refining Cleansing Balm uses papaya seed oil along with an amazing organic blend of plant-based ingredients to deeply cleanse and treat the skin. Perfect for giving sensitive skin a natural and gentle exfoliation.



3. Pumpkin Seeds

I add toasted pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil to every salad and pasta I make. They are one of my favourite snacks and they are one of my favourite skin foods. They are really high in zinc and Vitamin E, which are both responsible for an evening out our skin tone, fighting unwanted spots, reducing inflammation, and boosting cell turnover. They are also high in omegas and antioxidants, which as we’ve talked about are essential for maintaining young and hydrated skin and hair.

The Organic Face Oil from By Sarah has won Best Facial Oil three years in a row for a reason. It contains organic pumpkin seed oil along with other amazing organic plant-based oils. When applied topically, pumpkin seed oil is super calming, perfect for sensitive skin that reacts easily.

4. Pomegranate

When my skin is extra inflamed, I always turn to pomegranate juice, not only to add to dishes but to apply directly onto my face. Pomegranates have incredible anti-inflammatory properties, plus it is a delicious ingredient to add to any summer salad. A wonder for aging akin, pomegranate is high in Vitamin C, which is essential for boosting collagen production and strengthening the skin. Like papaya, pomegranate helps promote healthy digestion by increasing blood flow throughout the whole body. Increased blood flow helps us have that glowing skin we all want. Since pomegranate is so anti-inflammatory and contains ellagic acid, it is a wonder for sunburned skin.

The Voyanics pomegranate face oil fights acne by helping regulate sebum production, helps calm any redness, naturally exfoliates the skin, and leaves the skin beautifully plump. What more could you want?


Beauty, Natural Face Oil, £69

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5. Quinoa

Regardless of how you pronounce it, you should be adding it to your meals a few times a week. It is a true superfood, that has too many benefits to list. Plus, it is delicious, easy to make, and an easy way to bulk out your average salad. Quinoa is high in B Vitamins, which are essential for maintaining a clear and healthy complexion. Thanks to B3, quinoa helps to soothe redness, inflammation, and acne. Along with the B vitamins, quinoa contains Vitamin A, which an anti-aging wonder. It helps improve skin elasticity, soften fine lines, and balance sebum production, which is great for those who suffer from acne. Environmental pollution and free radicals take a toll on our skin health and can even cause premature wrinkles and dullness. Quinoa is high in antioxidants, which are the secret to fighting free radicals.

Try and only buy organic and Fairtrade quinoa as sadly there is child-labor and slave-labor involved with growing the grain. Plus, the quinoa growing regions of Bolivia and Peru can’t even afford their own crop, so it is essential that you buy fair-trade so that you are supporting the farms that are paying people properly.

Check out one of our favourite summer quinoa dish recipes from Green Kitchen Stories here.

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