Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

Founders, Tom and Zoe.

Wunder Workshop is inspired by Ayurveda and the "Science of Life".

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Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

At Wunder Workshop we have crafted unique golden blends for consumption with purpose. As conscious citizens ourselves, all the decisions we make at Wunder Workshop are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer. We started with a focus on highly potent turmeric, sourced from our partner farms in Sri Lanka who use the most sustainable farming technique – forest gardening, also known as regenerative agriculture. This is pivotal to the health of the planet and those who look after the land. We blend this golden spice with a range of ethically sourced healing herbs that stem from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine – Zoe.


Golden Balance

A restorative hormone balancing blend, aiding stress relief. The main ingredient in Golden Balance is a whole root extract of Ashwaghanda. There are few herbs that are more highly regarded in Ayurveda than Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). The roots of this shrub-like bush, native to drier regions of India, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa are considered a “Rasayana”, the Sanskrit for “path of essence”, and used to describe plants that prolong life. In Ayurveda, this adaptogenic plant is claimed to have regenerative qualities and is considered a treatment for nervous exhaustion, memory-related conditions, insomnia, tiredness and potency issues [1]. As an adaptogen and immune stimulator, it’s the perfect herb for this month of uncertainty and change.


wunder workshop golden balance

Golden Glow

Our radiance tonic, for focus & nootropic brain protection. Golden Glow is an organic, adaptogen blend contains Maca, Siberian Ginseng and Ayurveda’s ultimate nootropic herb Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) for a distinctly potent herbal boost for your skin and mind power from the inside out.

To “glow” is more than just having wonderful skin, it is about having a radiance that transcends appearance and that is often affected by our mood and alertness. Which is why we have included Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero), one of the first studied adaptogens, used for centuries to, reduce stress, raise alertness, clear brain fog and most commonly as an anti-viral herb to beat infections. In combination with the nootropic Brahmi, Ayurveda’s number one herb for cognitive agility and memory, the two herbs act to create periods of undisturbed focus. Maca, the Peruvian energiser helps to lengthen this focus and brings a host of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your skin and brain.


Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

Golden Shrooms

There are a few mushrooms that are also renowned for their potent adaptogenic qualities and their ability to enhance our immune-system. Reishi, a dark red conk found on birch trees in the upper northern hemisphere, is just one of these and is most notably used for its benefits to immune cells and potential anti-cancer effects. Cordyceps, found primarily in the Himalayas, is an adaptogen that enables us to surpass levels of physical exertion, improving performance but also maintaining balanced energy levels throughout the day. Both potent mushrooms are found in our Golden Shrooms blend.


Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

Golden Turmeric Honey

A combination of nature’s strongest immune supporting ingredients, biodiverse raw honey, anti-viral virgin coconut oil and golden turmeric root. Golden Turmeric Honey is a simple and delicious way to incorporate the benefits of turmeric into your diet. I typically add a golden spoon a day to my morning oats or hot apple cider vinegar and lemon if I’m feeling run down.


Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

Turmeric CBD Oil

Cannabidiol’s stature as a potent anxiety and pain reliever has risen fast over the past couple of years. The extract of the cannabis plant enables you to experience the soothing effects of the plant without intoxication from its more notoriously known compound THC. At Wunder, we focus on purpose and our Turmeric CBD Oil was specifically developed to positively impact both the root cause and the symptoms of pain and anxiety which is why we have blended this oil with an enhanced and potent turmeric extract and Bioperine, a black pepper extract, to dramatically improve absorption and efficacy.



Wunder workshop naturally healing superfoods turmeric

Consumption with Purpose is much more than just superiorly sourced ingredients and carefully crafted products. Key to all of this is the necessity of daily wellness rituals, we call Wunder moments, taking the time even if just a few short moments, to mindfully interact and taste the herbs for a more powerful mental and physical effect.

(1)      J. R. A Mandal, “A REVIEW ON POTENTIAL THERAPEUTIC USES OF WITHANIA SOMNIFERA,” World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, vol. 6, no. 7, pp. 846-860, 2017.

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