Reve en vert sustainable bathroom

Reve en vert sustainable bathroom
Reve en vert sustainable bathroom


A beautiful towel is a very simple way to bring colour and prints into your bathroom. The Baina Towels are made from 100% organic cotton, with a single-sided ribbed detail to ensure a thorough dry in the softest way possible. For already crowded bathrooms, Baina has stunning simple prints that calm down a room. For stark white bathrooms, their Ecru Check and Sage prints instantly provide a bit of fun and colour!



Bathroom, Hayes Organic Bath Towel in Lake, £68

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Bathroom, Bethell Organic Bath Towel in Sage, £72

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Soaps & Dishes

I never touch my face until my hands are nice and clean. Plus, in the world we are living in, I’m sure we are all washing our hands more than ever. Just because it is usually a menial task, doesn’t mean it can’t add something to your bathroom. Thanks to Tauntanz you can have clean hands and some beautiful pieces. The large pine soap dish is handmade in Portugal with pine wood. It adds a natural elegant aesthetic to your sink. Use it to hold your hand soap or your face soap!



Bath and Shower, Rosemary and Clay Exfoliating Soap, £15

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Setting the mood for a bath or an evening ritual is key. I love natural, non-toxic candles like the Costa Brazil Vela Jungle Candle because it has the most sensual and calming scent. Think notes of white and black Breu rein blended with cypress root and vetiver. Plus, the candle in itself is absolutely beautiful and catches the eye immediately. Another great option is the EYM candles. One of my favourite scents is the Man Candle because it is such an earthy and calming scent. They have amazing aromatherapy benefits, making them the perfect choice not only for aesthetics but for our minds.



Showcasing The Essentials

Sustainable beauty is often packaged in beautiful glass bottles, which is fantastic for reducing our plastic waste and for practically decorating our bathrooms. I love the Haeckels Shampoo and Conditioner, not only because it an amazing natural formulation, but it a beautiful choice for your shower shelf. Just one pump of the La Eva Natural Roseum Lotion and your bathroom will smell of chamomile blue and lavender. A gorgeous product, that can be reused after its finished to showcase dried flowers. I like to keep my go-to skin products on display next to my sink. Maryse Beauty products are not only aesthetically beautiful and minimalistic, but they are fantastic for all skin types. Their five products are everything you need for a perfect hydrated base.



Bring Some Art In

Bathrooms tend to be stark spaces that aren’t very comforting. I love bringing art into the space to make it feel more inspiring. Jamie Alan’s prints are simplistic enough to work in any home with any colour scheme, which makes them so easy to style. The Nude Print is the perfect piece for any bathroom and a constant reminder to show our bodies some love. All of his prints are made locally in East London on recycled paper with soy-based inks.




Keeping our space clean and organized does wonders for the mind. Most conventional cleaning products are filled with toxic ingredients that do far more harm than good. Our cities are polluted enough, we don’t need to be filling our homes with even more chemicals. Check out our Eco Cleaning Essentials to find some incredible products that are good for you, your home, and the environment!

Here are some of our favourite non-toxic cleaning labels:

Tincture London 







Reve en vert sustainable bathroom

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Pico goods organic cotton bath sheet towel
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Tautanz natural soap olive oil
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