Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition

Ethical craftsmanship by @the_citizenry


Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition
Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition


The Citizenry

The Citizenry is a totally transparent furniture brand that makes furniture all over the world with different artesian groups. They work without a middleman to ensure their pieces are made from the highest quality materials possible at the best prices possible. They are committed to providing the best wages and inspiring working environments for all their artisan partners. By choosing communities of craftsmen rather than factories, they only make small batches to ensure each item is a precious creation. You can view their different artisan groups from all over the world on their website and see their specialized skills. Everything on the Citizenry has a unique story and is handmade from old tradition skills.



Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition


The founders of Masaya got into furniture by accident. They originally started a reforestation project, Maderas Sostenibles in Nicaragua, where they established tree farms on deforested land. Today they manage over 1100 acres of re-forested land that provides a long-term renewable source of timber and is a wildlife sanctuary. In 2012, they began sustainably harvesting wood to make handmade furniture. They believe it is better to build with wood rather than intensive materials like plastic, concrete, and metal because wood is renewable and far less energy-intensive and energy polluting. “The only way to prevent forest abuse is to dedicate the forest as a renewable source of wood and promote reforestation.” Not only is their intention and sustainability incredibly beautiful, but all their furniture is truly one of a kind.



Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition


Every single piece of Marilou furniture is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but it is all handmade using only the best materials to ensure their pieces have long lives. Their team is made up of all artisans, who work with traditional techniques that date back over 350 years. They also take custom requests for pieces, so you can customize something truly unique.  A lot of Marilou’s pieces are designed to work both indoors and outdoors, showing how strongly built their pieces are that they can withstand being outside. They are passionate about making as little waste as possible, which is why so many of their pieces are made to order.



Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition

Cisco Home

Cisco follows every guideline and certification out there to ensure they operate as sustainably as possible. They make sure all of their materials are FSC-certified, from their wood to stains, to natural fabrics. Plus, they only work with vendors who are Certified Fair Trade. Cisco’s furniture is all timeless, classic staples, and they don’t work to fit into trends, but rather make pieces to last multiple lifetimes. Each piece is made by skilled craftsman, not a machine, who work intending to make as little waste as possible. They ensure each maker is supported, made a livable wage, and provided with health insurance – a standard that shouldn’t be unique. They even have a garden in their Los Angeles factory, for each of their makers to take seasonal produce home with them at the end of the day.



Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition


Not only does Avocado make some of the most comfortable mattresses out there but they are totally environmentally conscious and ethical. Handmade in California, their mattresses are non-toxic and made from certified organic materials, sourced from Avocado’s own farms. Now you can really sleep soundly. They are only one of three mattress brands globally that have a Made Safe certification. Avocado is the first mattress brand to be Climate Neutral Certified as they achieve net-zero carbon emissions. They even offset more carbon then they generate. Plus, they make sustainable sheets, pillows, and beautiful eco wooden furniture.



Reve en Vert sustainable eco furniture US edition

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