Reve en vert 6 sustainable relaxing morning rituals

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Reve en vert 6 sustainable relaxing morning rituals
Reve en vert 6 sustainable relaxing morning rituals

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1. Wakeup without your phone

It is really tempting to scroll through your social media platforms when you first wake up. However, this usually delays actually getting out of bed and can quickly shift our mood. While it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world, we urge you not to start your day with reading negative headlines. Instead, leave your phone in the living room while you sleep. If you rely on your phone for an alarm, place it not near your bed so you have to get up to switch it off.

If you can find the time, we’d recommend starting the day with a short meditation or a simple mindful activity enhanced with some natural incense rituals. Natural incense is absolutely our favourite discovery of the past few months and something we look forward to using most days as part of our morning or evening rituals!



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2. Feed your (conscious) coffee grounds to your plants

It is important to pick coffee brands that are transparent, organic, and pay their workers fairly. Lots of coffee brands rely on slave labour and child labour to harvest and process their beans, so make sure you start your day with a coffee that cares!

Thanks to London Grade Coffee we can enjoy ethical and organic coffee that considers the planet and never compromises on taste. Their coffee, which grows organically high in the Nilgiri Hills in India, is not only delicious, but does not come at the expense of our planet and its biodiversity! Use the code REV10 at their checkout to get a special 10% off!

After you finish your morning cup, make sure to save your coffee grounds and feed them to your house plants or outdoor plants. Coffee is the best fertiliser!




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Or if you’re skipping coffee...

If you’re not a coffee drinker but still fancy a hot drink in the morning, why not try a Golden Shrooms latte. This adaptogenic mushroom formula from Wunder Workshop contains organic ingredients that have traditionally been used to support the body in moments of exertion. While you get a non-caffeinated boost, this powder will also work to strengthen your immune system. Simply add 1.2 teaspoons of Golden Shrooms to hot water or non-dairy milk.

We also love a cup of organic Matcha courtesy of Whimsy Official. Harvested sustainably in Kyoto, this Matcha contains a full spectrum of chlorophylls and antioxidants which helps to invigorate and strengthen the hair, skin, nails, and immune system – a wonderful addition to our morning ritual!



3. Compost your breakfast

In our Beauty Editor Taylor’s home, all their vegetable and fruit waste goes straight to the compost and then fed to their garden. Instead of throwing away banana peels or even eggshells, start composting! Doing so helps to reduce methane emissions from landfills, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Sustainable tooth care

Your morning brush shouldn’t mean unnecessary plastic. The organic bamboo toothbrushes by Truthbrush are an amazing eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic brushes. A lot of toothpaste not only come in plastic tubes, but they are often filled with unnecessary chemicals.

The Georganics toothpaste is not only organic, but are vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free, and in compostable and recyclable packaging. We personally keep and reuse the toothpaste jars for homemade salad dressings and compotes.


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5. Begin by moving

Staring your day off with movement is a wonderful way to boost endorphins and relax your mind. We like to take at least fifteen minutes on a Complete Unity Yoga Mat and use Modern Exercise Goods’ Cork Roller to enhance our practice and get a deeper stretch. If you have a bit more time, then book an online yoga class with Yoga On The Lane – our favourite local yoga studio!

Watch our gentle flow with Naomi from Yoga On The Lane here. Read more about our sustainable yoga routine here



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6. Get ready with plastic-free beauty

Even though we work from home, we always try and get ready for the day! Our Beauty Editor Taylor loves starting with a hydrating but clarifying face oil. We love using Kjaer Weis makeup, not only because it is filled with potent skincare ingredients, but their products are zero waste, meaning you only have to buy the packaging once and then you can continue to refill it forever!

The Sunlit Glow Duo instantly brightens up the face and adds a beautiful warmth. You can minimize your routine by using one pallet for the entire face. For lipstick, we always reach for a shade from Juni Cosmetics. Not only are they plastic-free, but their formulations are organic, creamy, and pigmented. Taylor is reaching for Sunshine most days to combat London’s grey skies.

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