Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

The times we are currently living in are unprecedented; we understand it can feel overwhelming, as we try to figure out what this new reality means for us both individually and collectively. Personally, I’ve found great solace in returning to my kitchen and planning out meals: looking at where to source the different ingredients and then seeing how to use what’s in my pantry store, my garden and my weekly forages at my local market. As ever, I try to find inspiration from what’s in season, however, I’m not getting too focused on the process or finding any specific ingredient that may be missing, instead I’m trying creative substitutes in order to create wholesome dishes.  Finally, I will be adding in a bunch of spring blooms, some soft candlelight and a glass of something delicious in the evenings to really create that cozy and warm ambiance around the dining table- and it is this simple inspiration I shall be sharing with you in our Easter Guide.

Our approach this Easter is to keep things natural, simple but nevertheless chic. We are all about creating an inspirational Easter celebratory menu of nourishing, locally produced food to be the center of your day for you to enjoy (in your household or digitally). Celebrating all the wonderfulness of the Easter festival, welcoming new life and re-birth as the natural world (in the northern hemisphere) turns gloriously spring green.

Bringing people together around food is a keystone to us and our Easter Guide, so here it is. Inspiring you on how to make this Easter a really joyful time, despite all the external concerns and sadness, and ultimately enjoy this homebound time to create a lovely meal and a memorable experience.

REV Food and Garden Editor, Robert

1. What To Eat

With the arrival of April there’s a new flush of green vegetables to complement the winter roots and leaves that have been sustaining us in the last few months. The first spring leaves and the ever loved asparagus are all coming into life. These will be at the heart of my Easter menu. We will also reach out to the store cupboards for some beans, lentils, pasta and quinoa. A bowl of eggs and some cheeses will make an appearance too. And finally, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without something sweet and of course, some chocolate. 

Bread  Pick one at your your local bakery or add to a your home delivery if available.

Hot Cross Buns – Always a delight and make the perfect Easter brekkie or dessert. Recipe coming soon!

Coffee –  We love Climpson & Sons for their local coffee.



Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

2. Where To Buy

I support my local producers (my usual ‘go-to’ are the greengrocer around the corner  but also the markets where the farmers and produce travel in the surrounding region)  however I do realise that it is not always feasible  or accessible these days and with the current climate in mind getting food delivered to you is probably the best way of keeping safe and quiet at home while still sourcing your groceries from small food businesses and support them at a time when the industry has been thrown into such turmoil and uncertainty. Below is a London centric list but with a few national delivery options. Farmer and Food markets where possible are being kept open (by their very dedicated teams) as it is classified as an essential service.

Spring Restaurant is always a favourite of mine. They offer a fabulous veggie box from their various local suppliers – great work of Skye Gyngell to pivot these uncertain times into something fruitful and supportive. Farmer J and Riverford also offer great options for veggie boxes. My other favourites include: Farm Drop, Natoora, Pale Green Dot, Flourish and Abel & Cole. For markets have a look at London Farmer’s Markets or here for UK wide options.



3. What To Smell

Flowers are an absolutely must have for me. Tulips are an April beauty. Spring in partnership with their partner, Fern Verrow (a biodynamic farm in Herefordshire) are delivering their wonderful tulips nationwide – add some bunches to your home and you’ll feel the wonders of the springtime come to you even in times of confinement. Others I love are Petalon Flowers who offer delivery of beautiful spring bunches to fill your home and Grace and Thorn – a great option for magical seasonal bunches to make any dining space feel like a chic banqueting hall.

However, don’t feel you have to go all out. if you are lucky enough to have some outdoorsy space (whether that be a terrace, balcony or garden) bring the green and the outdoors in. This year is all about Spring indoors, it feels so counterintuitive after a winter of hibernation yet this is our reality, so embracing it as best as we can is the key. I’ve got a collection of old jam and bean jars and pots I’ve collected over the years, I will fill these with whatever comes from the garden and maybe add a cheeky little tulip treat. 



Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

4. What To Do

Our home confinement is currently demanding from us a totally unfamiliar and (in some cases) unusual level of discipline. However, being able to channel our energy into creative outputs is important. One activity I’ve enjoyed is taking yourself and any members of your household and friends (via zoom or through the ‘Houseparty’ App  (other services available) for a mini book reading where you share with them whatever you are reading (or find your favourite book/poem), perhaps even read a paragraph and talk about why you like it, what it means to you, where you first read it (insert travel tales) and who recommended it. It’s a simple, beautiful way to connect and talk. Works well with any art piece, movies, TV shows and music too. Make it your own.

If you’ve got kids, I recommend egg painting – get your paints out, hard boil several eggs and start painting. This ancient ceremonial tradition of painting the symbol of spring can be enjoyed from the inside too with young ones (or less young ones) in your home. Instead of the usual roll, make them a table feature and enjoy your inner Picasso. 



Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

5. What To Listen To

I’ve shared shared here some of my favourite artists and songs, it’s an entirely personal and eclectic mix of tunes that I’ve collected over the years, from my summer travels and friend recommendations. Here to inspire to you to celebrate the Spring. Listen in and dance away.




Reve En Vert simple and sustainable tips for Easter in isolation

6. Get Into Gardening

The Easter Holiday weekend is a perfect opportunity to enjoy your outdoorsy space and celebrate it. I do appreciate that access to supplies at this time is quite (if not completely) limited, however, if you are lucky enough to get a supply of compost and some seeds or seedlings in (online options available) then growing flowers and plants in your garden or balcony is a beautiful and fulfilling way to celebrate the spring. Getting your kids to plant sunflowers or helping you to pot up any tomatoes plants would make for a fun and fruitful afternoon. 



Reve en vert ethical sustainable organic flowers for order

7. Treat Yourself

Maybe last but not least, let’s talk about what’s on everyone’s minds – drinkies! For beverages in this upcoming holiday season are as always super important. A well chosen glass of wine can really make the evening. If you’re looking for delicious, natural and organic english wines I recommend Low Intervention and Newcomer Wines. If spirits are more to your liking, have a look at British Honey for gin and Sapling Spirits – the world’s first climate positive vodka.



Reve en vert natural sustainable thanksgiving cocktail recipe with Sapling

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