Reve en vert conscious ethical sustainable christmas gifts for 2020

Natural loungewear by @generalsleepstore sustainable vitamin duo

Reve en vert conscious ethical sustainable christmas gifts for 2020
Reve en vert conscious ethical sustainable christmas gifts for 2020

Aromatherapy relaxing eye pillow by @bodha

Natural Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has become a handbag essential for every outing. The Ona Organics All-Natural Hand Sanitiser is our favourite around the Rêve office, because of its incredible ingredients. In accordance with the CDC, WHO, and FDA Ona’s hand sanitiser contains 79% alcohol in every bottle, exceeding the minimum amount recommended by CDC Guidance on Hand Hygiene. The alcohol and glycerin used in this sanitiser is 100% plant based and not derived from petroleum. Scented with organic oils of cedar wood, ylang ylang, and vetiver to bring the mind to a place of calm, love, and joy. This is truly the perfect 2020 stocking filler!



Natural Hand Soap

As we continue to be diligent about washing our hands, it is important to make sure we are using natural hand soap. Remember everything we use goes down our drains and into a precious waterway. It is also important to protect our skin and bodies! The Haeckels 100% natural hand soap uses cleansing plant extracts to remove impurities from the hands, killing bacteria and harmful germs whilst still being gentle on the skin. The seaweed within this product, which is rich in vitamin B and sodium, acts to repair damaged skin cells and rehydrate dry skin – perfect for our over washed, dry hands! A gift everyone probably needs!


Organic Hand Cream

Whose hands aren’t dry and cracked? In combination with dry winter weather and over washing, our hands are probably feeling a bit tender. Aurelia’s all-natural Repair & Brighten Hand Cream helps to diminish the signs of pigmentation while deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin for brighter, softer, younger-looking hands, as well as stronger nails. Aurelia’s pigmentation complex includes sea daffodil, red algae and cassia Senna to reduce dark spots (by 61%), improve chaps and cracks and deeply hydrate. The smell is beautiful – a combo of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli and it’s been dermatologically tested making it suitable for sensitive skin. It is also the perfect size to throw in your handbag. We also love Cosmydor’s organic creams which are ultra nourishing and moisturising. They are designed to treat both the face and hands and are vegan too!



Sustainable Loungewear

A 2020 gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a special mention of our favourite loungewear pieces! With so many of us now working from home most of the time, loungewear seems like one of the most practical gifts this year! In our Sustainable Loungewear Collection you will find ethical fashion staples for working from home in both comfort and style. Expect to see oversized organic sweaters and sweatshirts, easy fit trousers and organic cotton lingerie pieces!



Bottoms, Everyone Trouser in Navy Gingham, £99

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Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

All of us have felt some level of stress and anxiety this year. Meditation can be a wonderful and therapeutic practice that can help us manage our stress levels. It can be difficult and even uncomfortable for many people to get into a meditative state. The Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillows are a great tool for those looking for ways to reduce stress. This weighted pillow contains lavender and chamomile flowers, which release such a relaxing and calming scent, helping the mind to switch off. This is also a great gift for the yogi’s in your life, as the eye pillow is great to use at the end of each practice.



Christmas Gifts, Aromatherapy Eye Pillow in Emerald Linen, £15

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Immunity Boosters

Sometimes our immune systems need a helping hand to be as strong as possible. With the conversation regarding immunity being to topical at the moment, everyone could use an immune boosting gift this holiday season. BEAR’s Holiday Set is the perfect gift because it includes their famous PERFORM and EXPLORE vitamins. PERFORM is for the modern professional, formulated as a nootropic for clarity, cognitive function and optimal health. Vitamin B12 supports energy levels, maintains nervous system function, assists in healthy red blood cell production and aids the digestive system. Antioxidant vitamin C enhances immune system function and reduces free radicals formed in the body. EXPLORE is for general wellbeing, formulated for optimal energy, immunity and radiant skin. Adaptogenic rhodiola is used in traditional western herbal practice to support physical endurance, cognitive function, and relieve symptoms of stress. Antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E and rhodiola reduce free radicals formed in the body.

Natural Incense

With all that is happening in the world, it can be difficult to focus or calm our worried thoughts.  Lighting incense can be a wonderful ritual that can go along with yoga, meditation, or your evening routine. UME’s natural incense is made from the finest plant materials and made local to us in London. Complete the gift with one of their beautiful incense holders which are crafted using environmentally friendly organic materials, clays, glazes and firing techniques.



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