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Upcycled Wood Floors & Vintage Rug:


My husband upcycled leftover barn board to replace the blue carpets that were in this small room before. Facebook marketplace, Etsy and your local carpenters are great resources for finding leftover wood for small spaces!

I found a vintage jute rug in a local vintage shop that was just perfect for being zero waste with a bit of character. I always try to shop reclaimed first and you would be amazed at how much good quality, beautiful items you can find when you hit up your local flea market or vintage shop.






Alkemis Paint:


It is no exaggeration to say I am obsessed with this paint company – the world’s first architectural wellness paint. As one of the only Cradle to Cradle Certified® paints in the United States, and the first to harness the wellness powers of natural pigments and crystals, Alkemis Paint eschews environmentally harmful synthetics and toxic pollutants. Unlike other certifications, which tend to focus on a singular measure of sustainability, Cradle to Cradle Certified® assesses all aspects of product design and manufacturing by evaluating a product’s performance across five categories: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air and Climate Protection, Social Fairness, and Water and Soil Stewardship.

In addition to being C2C Certified®, Alkemis Paint is one of the only paint companies in the US that fulfills all five covenants of the Mindful Materials Common Materials Framework and the American Institute of Architects Materials Pledge, a nationwide initiative that has been signed by over 175 architectural firms. Due to Alkemis’ stringent environmental standards, the products are contributory to LEED Certification Points, WELL Building Standard Points and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Formulated using sustainable raw materials and clear quartz as its foundational layer, proprietary mixes of artist-quality pigments and earthen minerals (including hematite, goethite and chromite) are then added to create a high-performing interior paint that supports a holistic lifestyle. These functional wellness pigments may help improve the air inside one’s home, absorb and neutralize chemicals, emit positive ions, reduce stress levels and boost one’s mood, all while maintaining a unique, velvet-matte finish that celebrates the world’s natural beauty.

I went for the Desert Milk Adobe colour, which is a creamy off white with beige undertones. It brings a feminine energy to the space, yet is neutral enough to go with everything else!





Oakywood Desk & Accessories:


I chose Oakywood because of their joint dedication to sustainability and aesthetics. Oakywood’s brand philosophy is built on three core values of quality, durability, and environmental care which is why all of their products are manufactured using natural, precious materials from responsible and sustainable sources. Despite growing internationally, their ​​workshop is still very much intentionally located in the town of Ciche, a small Polish town in the foothills of the Tatra mountains. Because of this, they can take greater care of sustainability whilst supporting the local economy and community. All of Oakywood’s products are handcrafted in their own workshop by certified craftsmen.

I am now using their classic desk in walnut which has made a lovely and practical staple piece for my workday. Their American walnut wood is a durable, long lasting, and damage resistant material. Its unique, rich chocolate tone is complemented by a clear wood grain and I have been able to pair it with a vintage Danish desk chair for an elegant look.





Peggy Artwork:


Peggy is an art platform that is working to make the art world more accessible, deliverse and fair – all tenants that are very close to my heart! Peggy has partnered with 30 contemporary art galleries from around the world to bring you the most sought-after art on the market. Featuring artists that push the boundaries of contemporary art. All artwork is original and made by highly acclaimed artists. Their app is a true joy to peruse, and I have discovered so many amazing creatives through it. 

Being able to support a female artist like Meghan Borah was hugely important to me when choosing a piece for my office. As an all women team here at Rêve En Vert, supporting other women in the creative space is always relevant to my consumer choices. I was so drawn to this painting of hers due to the vibrant colours, female subjects, and ease of their day – it was a piece I knew I would always love looking at when I came to my desk and it’s been the perfect bright spot on my wall.




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