Early Evening Late July, 2023 by Maxine McCrann

Hammock Girls, 2019 by Meghan Borah (Image by @corahilts)


Mother, 2023 by Maxine McCrann


What is Peggy?


I have been looking to collect more pieces for our new farmhouse as my husband and I are both lovers of art and love especially to discover new talents. When I learned of Peggy as a platform I was so thrilled as it allowed me to suddenly find incredible new artists and works on their extremely easy to use platform. 

Peggy has partnered with over 40 contemporary art galleries from around the world to bring you the most sought-after art on the market. Featuring artists that push the boundaries of contemporary art. All artwork is original and made by highly acclaimed artists.




The Problem with conventional art buying.


Due to the success of many emerging artists, a work might be sold for 10x the price it was bought for—meaning that the artist doesn’t receive any financial compensation for their success. At Peggy, they don’t think that’s right and they make sure their artists are fiscally supported through their platform. 

Artists deserve compensation on every sale of their work and Peggy is helping lead the way on making art sales more egalitarian through their royalties. They help you to support artists and live with great art. A win-win scenario.

* Image above: Hammock Girls, 2019 by @meghanborah





Peggy’s solution on royalties.


Royalties are a percentage that is paid to the original creator on all future sales—allowing them to continuously benefit from their hard work. The art world doesn’t have a fair mechanism that enforces royalties, so it’s up to us to implement a better system. Royalties are a staple of creative industries—authors, filmmakers, and musicians all receive residual payments for their work. Artists don’t. Outside of the UK and the European Union, artists are not paid royalties. Peggy does better. They offer 10% royalties (5% to artists, 5% to the gallery) on every secondary sale, plus the transparency of knowing who owns an artwork.

* Image above of @adam_sultan





Peggy’s diverse array of artists.


I love that Peggy does an incredible job of representing a huge array of talent from diverse backgrounds. They have a huge focus on women, people of color and marginalized themes that I love having easy access to support as mostly the art industry has reaped the benefit from more mainstream figures. Being able to support a female artist like Meghan Borah was hugely important to me when choosing a piece for my office. As an all women team here at Rêve En Vert, supporting other women in the creative space is always relevant to my consumer choices.

* Image above: Plucked from the Earth, 2023 by @maxine_mccrann





Peggy’s ease of exploring, buying and reselling art.


The platform is so easy to use, with different themes you can explore like Flora, Abstract and Human Form. There is also a way to shop by price bracket, which is so important in opening up the art world to collectors of all budgets. You also have the option to resell your purchased art on Peggy, meaning as your tastes evolve so too can the art in your home.

* Image above of @gordon_shadrach





End note.


I have loved partnering and exploring with Peggy for so many reasons, but it also is a theme close to my heart. My husband proposed to me in Venice right outside the Peggy Guigenheim museum, a favorite spot of ours, and our puppy is now named Peggy after that moment. Art to me is something that should be meaningful and can help align with cultural beliefs and beauty. Also with the emergence of so much new technology, directly supporting artists who still take the time to create and express themselves through physical production is so incredibly important – our culture needs to be created by humans in my opinion and that is the way we keep our shared humanity in many ways.

* Image above of @jaqueline_cedar




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