“I find that leading a sustainable life makes me a happier person. It connects me to the earth and allows me to know that I’m part of a bigger system. It comes down to finding joy in simplicity.”




What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Snuggle with my dogs, make a warm chai with cashew milk, sit on the back deck in the morning sunshine to soak up all that Vitamin D. 


What are you having for breakfast?

When I wake up I have a chai or a decaf oat milk latte, then an hour later or so I’ll make either a big smoothie full of fiber, protein and good fats or I’ll have an egg with avocado and microgreens. 


What’s your daily beauty routine?

Drink lots of water, eat lots of greens, speak kindly to myself, try to move and sweat daily. These days I keep it really simple because I’m always at home, so I focus a lot on internal things. 


How would you describe your day to day style?

During this past year, it’s been alllllll about comfort. I wear a lot of linen, and love the fact that it gets softer with every wash. Normally, I’d say my style is romantic and effortless, as I am drawn to floral dresses, silks, and vintage pieces.





How do you inform yourself throughout the day? What are you listening to, watching, reading?

Podcasts are my main way to get my information in, whether it be about nutrition, politics, or spirituality. My favorite time of the day is walking on my favorite nature trail with my dog and a good podcast. 


Do you have any personal life hacks for getting through the day in the most sustainable way possible?

Just life simply in all areas of life. Cook simply, consume less, let nature lead the way. 


We would love to know more about your wellness and nutrition practice. What led you to this line of work?

I was inspired to bring my own voice to the wellness space; a voice that makes wellness fun, approachable, and inspiring. I took the leap and became an Integrative Holistic Health Coach with the hopes of helping those who felt confused or lost feel inspired to take charge of their health. Over the years I’ve developed my own unique philosophy of health. My approach is getting back to the basics, finding joy in cooking and whole foods, throwing out the rules and restrictions, and focusing on the body as a whole.





How do you wind down at the end of the day?

Cooking a nice dinner for my fiance and eating outside in our garden. We try to put our phones in the other room so we can just be together. I also love ending the day with a bath or a good TV show. Right now I am hooked on Poldark! I love how shows can transport you to another world. 


What does dinner time look like for you?

I like to eat dinner pretty early, especially if I am doing a cooking tutorial or styling for a photo, so I can get the last bit of sunlight. We usually eat around 6 or so. Even if we are eating takeout or leftovers from a test recipe, I always like to make dinner a peaceful moment of the day. I light candles, turn on good music, and try to avoid distractions. 


What’s your night-time beauty ritual?

My nighttime ritual is my favorite part of the day! I use a gentle face wash, manuka honey mask, and later on, I’ll do a gua sha massage with rosehip oil.





What does sustainability mean to you?

Living simply, having gratitude for what you have, having the conscious awareness that everything we buy and consume has an impact. 


What drives you to live a sustainable life?

I find that leading a sustainable life makes me a happier person. It connects me to the earth and allows me to know that I’m part of a bigger system. It comes down to finding joy in simplicity. I’m very aware of what I bring into my life, both physically and metaphorically, and pairing down life to the necessities helps with that. I find that my life is more peaceful when I’m not swimming in excess. 


Finally, what are three changes you would like to take from this time to move forward with in a more sustainable way?

I’d like to get more into composting for our garden, cutting back on food waste and being able to add it back into the life cycle would be amazing. Joining our local community garden would be a great way to get involved!


Words and imagery by @taylor__kitto

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