Reve en vert how to do lymphatic drainage massage on face and body


Gua Sha can be used to perform facial massages.

Reve en vert how to do lymphatic drainage massage on face and body
Reve en vert how to do lymphatic drainage massage on face and body

Massage is best done with your favourite skin oil!

A Body Practice

Creating moments for ourselves is incredibly important. One of the many ways I like to reconnect with myself is with facial massage. During our busy lives and during these incredibly anxious times, it is easy to feel disconnected from our own bodies. I turn off the TV, light some Bodha incense and natural candles, and turn on some peaceful music. I love to do my facial massage ritual in dim lighting to prevent me from inspecting my skin. This practice should purely be about positivity!

Lymphatic massage is a very important practice for the entire body, including the face. The lymphatic system is a collection of tubes called lymph vessels that begin in the tissues, and similarly to our veins, drains waste products and excess water. The lymph vessels connect hundreds of lymph nodes around the body, which are the ones responsible for filtering and cleaning lymph fluid before it enters our bloodstream.  This system helps protect the body from toxins that could cause our bodies serious harm. However, the lymphatic system can become stagnant due to fatigue, stress, diet, and lack of movement. All of this happens to all of us regularly, which is why it is important to help the system along with massage.




Reve en vert how to do lymphatic drainage massage on face and body

Facial Massage

Facial puffiness can be due to access water being trapped in the lymph system. Stagnation can also lead to dull skin, from lack of circulation. Facial massage can provide lymphatic drainage, can increase blood circulation, and can seriously lift the skin. 

You can do this massage with a Gua Sha, but it also works brilliantly just with your hands! After cleansing in the evening, take a few drops of your favourite oil and apply it to moist skin. I love using the Oio Lab Harmony Oil or the Ona Organics Radiance Oil. Everyone has a different technique, and I am a firm believer that as long as it feels good, you’re probably doing something right!




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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To perform a lymphatic drainage massage, you must first open up the passageways in the neck and collarbone, so the fluid can drain properly. Starting at the base of the neck, you want to massage in slow circular motions, up towards the back of the ears and then back down. I like to do each movement at least three times on each side! The next move is my absolute favourite because we hold so much tension in our jaw. Starting at your chin, place your jawbone in between the knuckles of your index finger and your middle finger, and slowly work outwards and then down the side of your neck. Using the tips of your index and middle finger slowly work from the center of the face out and down, to the bottom of the ears. Repeat working up the entire face until you get to your eyes. I like to focus on my breathing and imagine pushing all the fluid out of my face! 

Now if you’re prone to tension headaches, you’ll love this next movement. Gently pinch your eyebrows between your thumb and index finger, starting from the center. It is normal for this area to tender, so work lightly. To finish off and ensure you drain everything, take your four fingers and massage down from your forehead, along your temples, and down the side of the face towards the base of the neck. You can also create your own movements that feel best for you, as long as you’re working with the idea of massaging down and out!




Reve en vert how to do lymphatic drainage massage on face and body

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