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halo coffee-organic coffee-best organic coffee

Philosophy -

Faced with the fact that the coffee capsule industry produces around 60 billion capsules a year, Halo wanted to create an ethical alternative. “Halo capsules are designed to provide consumers with a sustainable capsule alternative filled with specialty grade coffees of the highest quality.” Halo exists because the founders did not want people compromising, on sustainability or taste.  They wanted to go a step further than just being ‘recyclable,’ as they felt it wasn’t fixing the problem of excess waste. Halo’s most recent launch is incredibly exciting, especially for those who only use whole beans for their daily cup. The brand has come out with specialty grade beans that like their pods, are packaged only in compostable materials.


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Sustainability –

Coffee is one the best materials to compost, as our plants just love it. Halo developed their capsules and beans to be packaged in 100% compostable materials. Unlike lots of recyclable products, Halo’s products do not require any specialized machinery in waste management facilities, and they don’t ever need to go anaerobic digestor, to be broken down. The sugarcane fibre capsules simply require no energy to decompose, they do that naturally. They can actually degrade in as little as 28 days in a home compost and then they break down into a lovely natural fertilizer. Halo also goes a step further, by making all of their packaging compostable too. “Our capsules and packaging break down into organic components that re-enter ecological processes, supporting a circular economy.” Halo’s beans are packaged in bio-polymer laminate with vegetable inks, so the packaging can be composted and even add nutrients to the soil, if you add your compost back to your garden!


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The Coffee -

Nepalese Everest 2019 – Single Origin Special Aged Vintage – 

Cinnamon, Ginger, Citrus & Floral 

This unique parcel of vintage 2018 coffee harvest has been carefully aged for 3 years to add complexity and gently lower the acidity profile before being roasted. Grown in rich mountain foothill soils on the certified organic Plantee Estate. The climate delivers a depth of flavour impossible to source anywhere other than Mount Everest in the Himalayan mountain range. Full of body with smooth flavour and floral & spice tones.

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Ristrettto – Bespoke Blend – 

Chocolate, Caramel, Stone Fruits & Dried Currants 

A high intensity blend of distinct South American and Ethiopian coffees. Columbian Hulia, Brazilian Mogiana and El Salvadoran Monte Sión coffees delivering body, sweetness and yellow fruit acidity combines with an Ethiopian Sidama for a chocolatey finish. Truly delicious…

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Honduras Coffee Pods – Single Origin-

Walnuts, Malt and Milk Chocolate

From the dark rich soils of rainforests to mountain ranges of pine and oak, to intercropping cocoa and coffee estates comes this single origin coffee. It is a full-bodied with a subtle creamy sweetness, creating a complex cup of coffee!

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Three Mountain Coffee Pods – Bespoke Blend –

Nuts, Chocolate, Berries & Molasses 

This bespoke blend of coffee takes from three of the highest peaks in the world. This pod has coffee from the Colombian Andes, Nepalese Himalayas, and the Kenyan Kilimanjaro. These varieties have been blended together to create a perfectly balanced, low acidity, buttery silk finish. A truly special blend that results in a complex and delicious flavor.

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