hedoine tights-sustainable tights-eco tights

eco tights-hedoine tights-sustainable tights
hedoine tights-sustainable tights-ecofriendly tights

About Hēdoïne

Anna and Alexandra of Hēdoïne left their jobs in finance in 2017 with the calling to remedy the problems plaguing the tight world – poor quality and excess waste. They wanted to create something different – tights that made women feel great that wouldn’t add to the world’s ever-growing throwaway culture.


“We started by hunting down producers that could meet our so-called ‘ambitious’ demands – apparently tights were doing just fine. Cheap to produce and nobody anywhere too worried about having to throw them away every five minutes. Apart from those who had to wear them.” 


Their vision began with tights, which then led them to all things leg wear. In 2018, they launched the brand with their first pair of tights. Since then they have launched a series of incredible and innovative products that are crafted in Italy in the UK and are responsibly made.



hedoine sustainable tights-eco friendly tights-long lasting tights

The Future Is Biodegradable

Hēdoïne’s newest launch is something we are so excited about because it is finally answering our prayers. Biodegradable tights – finally tights that will fully break down!

Made using biodegradable yarns, these new tights will biodegrade at the end of their life. Hēdoïne even plan to facilitate this as part of their recycling project. The biodegradation process takes about three to five years while most conventionally made tights can take up to a hundred years to break down and lots of women go through a pair a week! What makes Hēdoïne’s tights so sustainable is how long lasting they are. Their newest tights are made from biodegradable yarn paired with unique knitting techniques and ladder resistance. They’ve found a way to combine their award-winning, 3D knitting technology and super fine yarns so that the biodegradable innovation remains uninterrupted, creating a unique pair of tights that are incredible comfortable and very long lasting. Each pair of tights come in very chic packaging that are made from 100% recycled materials.

 Tights should feel good and do good – the future is biodegradable.” – Hēdoïne Founders



sustainable tights-eco tights-hedoine tights

Wild, Not Wasteful

Not only are Hēdoïne’s tights as ethical as it gets, but they are also incredibly comfortable. The brand meticulously tested their tights on hundred of women with different body shapes and sizes, so that they could create a comfy waistband that contours the body. They perfectly shape the figure without ever pinching or leaving pressure marks! The brand’s longterm plan is to offer a large selection of biodegradable options, with this launch being the first biodegradable option.


You can shop the amazing biodegradable tights here

And you can read more about their newest launch here


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