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Why is Lavender Beneficial in Skincare?

We at REV believe that Lavender should be a staple in every garden and every cabinet. It does so much for the skin and the senses that it’s a wonderful plant to always have at hand. Wrinkles, pimples, or dry skin – lavender is your friend. It is amazing at killing bacteria, unclogging pores, reducing inflammation, and incredible for fading dark spots or acne scars. Since lavender is full of antioxidants, this ingredient helps protect the skin from free radicals which can cause premature wrinkles, and us city dwellers are exposed to free radicals every day unfortunately. Along with its amazing uses for the skin, it is also a saviour for the mind. As I’m sure many of you already know, lavender is also one of the most calming scents for the mind. In such an anxious and uncertain time, we need all the calm we can get and this is a natural resource for us all to enjoy the benefits of. 

Our Sustainable Natural Lavender Products

Maison Made Lavender Biodynamic® Hydrosol

Balancing, alleviating, revitalizing. For all skin complexions. Excellent for dry, oily, and acne-prone skin. This comforting bouquet of lavender immediately transports you to hazy summer afternoons in the countryside. A storied plant, its fragrance has been trusted for millennia to ease moments of anxiety and overstimulation.


Be Here Farm + Nature Lavender Hydrating Essence

Lavender has many therapeutic properties and biological activities, such as anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities, long used in folk traditions for calming and soothing effect on body, mind and soul. Shows important clinical effects on mood, learning, memory, pain, anxiety, and sleep. Hydrosols contain the same aromatherapeutic benefits as their essential oil counterpart, however, they are almost entirely water based and can therefore be applied liberally to the entire body and face.



Beauty, Lavender Biodynamic® Hydrosol, £30

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Beauty, Lavender Hydrating Essence, £56

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RAIN COAT – Natural CBD Balm

High-strength CBD rescue balm. RAIN COAT contains 750mg of premium CBD and a tailored blend of all-natural botanical oils and extracts. Includes shea butter, rosehip, almond, coconut, apricot, jojoba, lavender, geranium and Vitamin E oils. Moisturise into dry, irritated skin or sore joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD coupled with soothing botanicals make it an excellent topical salve on these areas. RAIN COAT is highly rich and concentrated so you’ll find a little goes a long way.


Vertly Relief Lotion (2 Pack)

Harness the power of plant-based medicine ~ with a body lotion that targets aches and pains while keeping your skin deeply moisturized. Made with slow-extracted, anti-inflammatory Arnica Flower, cooling Aloe Vera, relaxing Lavender Oil, and peppermint hydrosol. A unique blend of 500 mg Hemp+ magnesium targets your aches and pains while nourishing shea butter leaves your skin soft and supple. Small batches handcrafted in Northern California.



Be Here Farm + Nature Restorative Body Serum 

The Restorative Body Serum proudly counters the industry norm of offering inferior, diluted, carrier oils to treat our bodies. Wild St. John’s Wort, German Chamomile, and Stinging Nettle, all age-old body treatments, are solar infused at maximum concentrations into custom crushes of single farm, best in class Olive and Avocado Oils to create this decadent, differentiated, offering. The botanically infused oils are further scented with our fresh Lavender essential oil, grown and distilled by hand hours after harvest at Be Here. The Serum can serve your daily self care routine, spot treatments on trouble areas, or as an addition to a World class massage, at home or spa.


Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil

A grounding potion to ease you into the day’s moments at rise or rest. Evocative of an autumnal walk in the woods, filled with comforting notes of damp earth, spice and herbaceous roots. This à la francaise multi-action facial cleansing oil from our Maison Collection  effortlessly melts and lifts ‘the day away’, simultaneously bestowing powerfully restorative and soothing antioxidant compounds, leaving the skin cleansed, nourished, and decadently supple.



Beauty, Restorative Body Serum, £127

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Beauty, Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil, £49

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Maison Made
Lavender Biodynamic® Hydrosol
Be Here Farm + Nature
Lavender Hydrating Essence
Maison Made
Biodynamic® Restorative Cleansing Oil
Be Here Farm + Nature
Restorative Body Serum

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