Reve en vert how to relax at home

Natural non-toxic candles by EYM

Turmeric golden drink by @wunderworkshop

Reve en vert how to relax at home
Reve en vert how to relax at home

Organic loungewear by @the_wylde

There has been a general consensus that we should use isolation as a time to be extremely productive and take up new hobbies, but we at REV truly believe giving ourselves permission to relax and switch off is just as important – the art of doing nothing can really help with our health. This time has been stressful and also has produced deep anxiety about the uncertainty of the future so relaxation is a wonderful antidote. 

The last thing we need to be doing is putting even more stress on ourselves by continuing on that treadmill of constantly doing that we were all on before. We highly recommend trying to create a work and play balance in your life right now to keep down our cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which often cause unwanted breakouts, upset tummy and feelings of being overwhelmed. Moving into the future, we believe there is an amazing opportunity to create more harmonious and balanced lives….here are some of our top tips! 

Be Comfortable

In order to relax, being comfortable and confident is essential. Consider your purchases of loungewear as much as you would consider any investment piece so that you make sure you truly love what you will be living in whilst at home. No one does chic and sustainable loungewear like The Wylde. Pair the Charcoal Khandro pants with its matching top or opt for their ultra-soft organic cotton Hana white tee.


Skip Makeup

Give your skin and pores a breather and go makeup-free, it also takes away another step from your day. Just pop on a little skincare so your skin is glowing without any makeup. Pop on an oil that will work throughout the day to give your skin an amazing treatment. We love Basho’s organic face oils because there is one to suit all skin types.

The Wonder Essential Daily Face oil by BEAR is lightweight yet incredibly hydrating and nourishing. Rich in antioxidants and omegas, this product increases cell turnover, encourages collagen production, and works on softening fine lines. A true super-hero product. Together, the Irene forte serum and BEAR oil will make your skin glow so much, you won’t miss makeup.



Have A Drink

A good drink is essential to have to make you feel relaxed and warm. While of course, a glass of organic red would do, why not try a non-caffeinated latte. The golden glow by Wunder Workshop is a powdered blend of different antioxidants and immunity boosters that you simply add to some hot plant-based milk to have a delicious turmeric latte. For ultimate relaxation put a few drops of their incredible CBD oil, which works to ease sore muscles and soothe an anxious mind. We recommend starting with a turmeric latte and easing into a beautiful glass of wine later in the day. Find some of our favourite organic wines here.

Fitness & Wellness, Turmeric CBD Oil, £78

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A good lazy day requires some entertainment but that doesn’t mean it has to be mindless. Get comfy and put on a podcast. Lay your head on an organic AIAYU pillow and light an EYM candle and do nothing but listen. Our REV podcast has gone virtual during this time so we can bring you different perspectives on this time and inspiring ways to cope and fill our time. You can now watch the conversation on our Youtube channel if you have found it a struggle to just listen to podcasts! We also love the Rich Roll, Sakara Life and The Doctor’s Farmacy With Mark Hyman for podcasts and Brother Veillies has some amazing playlists on Spotify for any mood.


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