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Big Green Egg



Gifting a Big Green Egg is truly gifting someone something that will last them for ages. The Big Green Egg is such a favorite amongst our team, and we love cooking on them. The Eggs are a modern-day evolution of ancient cookers, made thoughtfully and made to last. They are not gas or propane grills but rather are fueled by natural charcoal and incredible natural woods for flavor. They aim to manufacture all their products using sustainable materials. The Big Green Egg ceramic was partly developed by NASA and the production process takes place in North America according to the strictest quality standards, which explains the exceptionally high quality. It has superb insulating properties and can withstand extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations. The heat-reflecting ceramic and the shape of the Big Green Egg allow air to circulate perfectly inside the EGG, causing the food to cook evenly at the desired temperature. The excellent air circulation comes with an added advantage; because the hot air remains in the EGG, it makes it economical to use. Your charcoal will burn for longer and will generate fewer ashes.





Dry Farm Wines


All of us at Rêve are big fans of Dry Farm Wines for a reason. Dry Farm Wines offers a range of wines that are deeply researched and thoughtfully curated into selection boxes that allow for you or your loved ones to experience the best health and planet conscious wines the world has to offer. Dry Farming means there is no usage or artificial irrigation to grow the grape crop but rather farmers rely on natural water sources only. Based on research, Dry Farm Wines estimate their growers save roughly 700 million gallons of water annually. Their wines are also incredibly delicious – we can all testify to that fact! Dry Farm Wines make such lovely curated boxes, including a one time gift box, where you can select how many wines to send and if you want a selection of reds, roses, or a mix of everything.

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Owl Venice


After struggling to find pre-made broth that was void of common allergens, founder Lindsey began making her own bone broth with locally-sourced bones and an array of herbs and veggies. Through months of testing and development, she created a broth recipe that tasted more like a tea than a traditional stock, OWL’s signature flagship product.

OWL currently offers chicken, turkey, beef, bison, and vegan mineral Broth Elixirs that are sold throughout LA county,  Reset cleanse programs to heal and seal the gut, and an organic, oil-based skincare line. OWL also offers health coaching services with flexible sessions to fit your schedule and budget. We think this is great for a health conscious father who loves a broth or wants improve their health!




The Lost Explorer Mezcal


Created by David Mayer de Rothschild, Lost Explorer Mezcal is one of the most sustainable liquor brands out there. They have the long-term mission of becoming the most sustainable mezcal brand in the world – and they are so transparent about all the incredible things they are doing so far. While setting high standards for sustainability within the industry, they are creating incredible mezcals. So far, they have three award-winning artisanal mezcals with different notes depending on your preference. They make incredible gifts because you can even personalize your bottle by engraving your loved one’s name! Their Tobala Mezcal is our head of partnership’s favourite as it is earthy with hints of tobacco, cocoa, vanilla and leather and it offers a unique balance between wood aromas and umami flavors. Such an amazing gift for the dad in your life that loves a sophisticated (but ethical) drink!





A Stay At El Encanto


El Encanto is one of those rare hotels that you feel at home immediately in, from the lovely staff to the bungalow type rooms to the thoughtful elements of the stay that lend themselves to an overall conscious ideology around running a hotel. They are EARTH MARK certified, which means they have outside auditors that come look in on the progress of sustainable efforts and help them improve. The hotel itself has minimal plastic and waste, their efforts to have things out of plastic are really wonderful. The food is locally sourced for the most part, working with small regenerative farms like Ojai Roots, and the wine is all labeled as biodynamic or minimal intervention. We love the idea of gifting a Dad in your lift a stay El Encanto, the perfect place to sit back and take in all the nature for a full mind and body reset.



Be Here Farm + Nature


Everyone needs a bit of self-care in their lives and Be Here Farm + Nature makes some of our favourite unisex products. The team behind Be Here Farm are biodynamic farmers and stewards of their land in California. In an industry that rewards monoculture, they are so faithful to biodiversity, growing 375 unique varietals and reserving 90% of their 300 acres to native species and conservation. Their efforts contribute to the virtuous cycle of healthier soil, better crops, and a more vibrant ecology and a stronger community. Their Summer Solstice Serum is a blend of 7 botanicals, which are infused into olive oil. It works for every skin type and will never break you out – wonderful for oily skin, mature skin, and dry skin!







Coyuchi makes elevated organic home goods to pioneer conscious luxury without compromise. Drawing from the hues and facets of nature, they create indulgently soft, heirloom-quality pieces that enliven your living spaces with effortless elegance. Each element of a Coyuchi home flows with the pure restorative energy of the earth, sustainably sourced and thoughtfully crafted to inspire well-being and connect generations.






Whether the dad in your life adores fashion or needs help switching to more ethical choices, Finisterre is one of our favourite brands for eco menswear. Founded in 2003, Finisterre has been producing functional and sustainable collections for 20 years. Since then, they have been committed to pushing boundaries within the fashion industry while keeping the environment in mind with every decision. They even have a repair service so you can keep your Finisterre pieces going for as long as you can! They are certified B Corp, are so transparent about their environmental impact, and their garment bags are water soluble, ocean safe, and totally biodegradable. You can also read about all their sustainable fabrics here!





Toups & Co


The men in our lives should be using the best natural skincare and wellness products like us. Toups & Co makes some of our favorite products for men, that are suitable for any skin type – even the most sensitive of skins due to their key ingredient – Tallow!

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