“In short, regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm.”


Climate Reality

Mother The Mountain Farm

“We have learnt to not only document the beauty around us but to appreciate it, and to share the joy and meaning that comes with caring for the animals and land. In this time of ecological change, it feels meaningful to be able to express the importance and beauty of nature, and what regenerative farming can do to protect it.”

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Tashanda Giles-Jones

“My 8th graders are taking an agricultural journey to 2050 and learning what it will take to sustainably feed a growing human population. Indigenous peoples have not just sustained Earth’s resources but understand the importance of regenerative practices that mimic nature instead of negatively impacting it.”

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Farms To Feed Us

“Regenerative agriculture heals our tired soils and cares for our neglected ecosystems. Human-scale farming based on relationships and respect rather than just profit and expansion helps our communities to grow and allows diversity to flourish. The better we know our farmers and our fishers, the healthier we, and our food system, will be.”

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“Understanding that the soil is alive is step one to understanding we are all connected.”


Erin McMorrow

Kiss The Ground

“The time to advocate for soil health is now! From growing 95% of out food to creating freshwater sources to balancing our climate to being the foundation of all life on land, soil drives our optimism for what’s possible.”

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Leah Penniman

“Stewarding our own land, growing our own food, educating our own youth, participating in our own healthcare and justice systems. This is the source of real power and dignity.”

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Listen to our podcast episode with Leah here!

Poppy Okotcha

“Getting hands in the earth is so grounding, I work glove free as much as humanly possible!!  To me skin contact is so important, it feels respectful, like a sort of greeting to the soil and its life, insects and plants I’m interacting with.”

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The Modern Kitchen Garden

“We feel passionately that food production and care of soils will help us to make high leaps in tackling not only climate change but also biodiversity and human health.”

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Read more about regenerative gardening with The Modern Kitchen Garden here!

Farmer Rishi

“Garden’s are places where our association with Earth [our body] is clearly visible to us, where all the layers of abstraction built by our dysfunctional and myopic society are lost, and we can see clearly how this body functions.”

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Blossom and Branch Farm

“It ultimately is on us as floral professionals to be forthcoming about where our flowers come from. And if a florist or grower wants to be truly local, their flowers need to reflect the seasonal shifts that exist in our own climates.”

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Regenerative Farming in our Wool Beanies!

Val Des Monts
Climate Beneficial Beanie in Black
Val Des Monts
Climate Beneficial Beanie in Red
Val Des Monts
Climate Beneficial Beanie in Toast
Val Des Monts
Climate Beneficial Beanie in Yellow

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