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What To Wear - Kōpilā Cashmere


My new favorite ethical knitwear line, Kōpilā are leading the way in terms of sustainable criteria like traceability and non-toxic dyes. ​​Their cashmere is fully traceable from the cashmere producer to you and they are proud to partner with The Good Cashmere Standard® by AbTF. They are also registered on The Good Cashmere Standard® tracking system meaning garments are fully traceable from the cashmere producer to the finished garment.

Their garments are made from sustainable cashmere certified to The Good Cashmere Standard®, promoting animal welfare, improving the working conditions of farmers and farm workers as well as protecting the environment. The Standard specifies a clear and comprehensive set of criteria for sustainable cashmere production.




How To Avoid Plastic Pollution - Kor Water Bottles


Kor was one of the first on the market with a “design-driven reusable water bottle.” They have found the cleanest and best materials for their product which has continued to influence the industry. Personally, I love them because I know they are PFAs free which is a big topic for me at the moment. They are also committed to giving 1% of their total revenue to sustainability initiatives through 1% for the Planet.

They have a variety of different bottles to choose from so there is absolutely something for everyone and for different adventures. Sip sustainably with their latest collection, the Melrose, which comes in three sizes is a double-walled insulated stainless steel bottle. It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – perfect for ensuring a crisp drink on a hot day! Their One Planet bottles also come in different sizes and an array of amazing colors. It is inspired by nature and has a water dipped design – a pretty chic accessory for the beach! The Union bottles are practical and incredibly light, making them perfect for a long hike, where hydration is so key but you don’t want to be weighed down. The Nava Filtration bottle is an amazing bottle to always have on hand when you are away from home and needing your own filtered water source. It has a sustainable coconut filter that removes chlorine and odor and makes tap water taste great. Click here to read all about Kor water!





Avoiding Bugs Naturally - Vanilla Mozi


Whenever I am on the boat I think about what I am putting on my body that may get into the water. So many conventional bug repellent options have toxic and chemical based ingredients that are bad for us and the environment, which is why I love the sustainable alternative – Vanilla Mozi. They have an entire bite proof range, but their Bite-Proof Body Cream is a product everyone should have on hand. Its innovative formula uses natural plant extracts that hide you from bugs like mosquitos, midgees, and more by making you smell like a flower they instinctively avoid, while also nourishing the skin. It works for the whole family and is totally safe to use on little ones too. Apply it as the last step in your routine after sunscreen and reapply as needed every two hours. Now you can spend as much time in nature without having to worry about any bites! All Vanilla Mozi products are Australian made, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, and you’ll never find anything like pesticides, palm oil, or parabens in any of their formulations. Available from Walmart Marketplace online in the USA now!


What makes Vanilla Mozi so special?

The thing we love most about Vanilla Mozi is that they avoid using a very particular chemical that is often used in insect repellent products. “The motivation behind Vanilla Mozi founder Lea-Anne Crawford developing her revolutionary Bite-Proof Body Cream nearly 20 years ago was that her children’s skin was reacting to the pesticides used in traditional repellents. DEET is one of the harshest and most commonly used ingredients and she felt this was causing the skin rashes yet there were no other options on the market. Out of necessity and a mother’s instinct that there had to be a better way to avoid bug bites, Vanilla Mozi Bite-Proof Body Cream was created. Today it has grown to become a much loved product protecting families all around the world with a unique biomimicry approach to Natural Bug Protection.” – Vanilla Mozi  

Read more about DEET and Vanilla Mozi’s story here.





The Perfect Investment Towel - Obakki


This has been my go to brand this summer for ethical summer pieces. I love Obakki’s Turkish Linen Towels, in a variety of summer colors and designs they are exactly what we look for when it comes to a beach towel. Sustainable, ethically produced and super versatile, perfect for the beach, bathroom or any other setting. Additionally we were so excited to discover that Obakki also have their own range of 100% natural roll-on perfumes. In scent Limbe (rich, spicy & smokey) or our personal favourite Seme (bright, woody, earthy) which is perfect for summer with bergamot & grapefruit top notes and woody base notes. Easy to take to the beach and top up when needed throughout the day!

Use code ‘REV15’ on us for 15% of Obakki this summer!





A Boat Bag For Life - Vintage LL Bean Tote


Being from Maine, L.L. Bean was always the go to for bags as they are still crafted here in Maine and are indestructible! The perfect investment piece for something that will last you a lifetime (I actually stole this one from my mother!). Introduced as Bean’s Ice Carrier way back in 1944, the Boat and Tote was billed as a bag made of builders’ canvas for hauling ice “from car to ice chest.” Today you can spot our iconic tote doing heavy lifting everywhere – from the grocery store to the beach, to the library and commuter train. Tested to hold up to 500 pounds, it’ll carry more than you can carry.





Waterproof Shoes - Birkenstocks


Birkenstock is committed to environmentally friendly operations. For them, this is not a marketing-driven fad, but rather an expression of their corporate ethos. Environmental protection has long been paramount at Birkenstock. They constantly work to improve production processes, products, packaging and logistics. Their waterproof sandals are my go to for every boat ride and they are made to last so I can use them summer after summer.





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